Nefertiti Timeline



1370 BC

Nefertiti was born in Thebes, Egypt with the parents of father Ay and unknown named mother; there are also theories that Nefertiti was welcomed to the Egyptian world with 2 siblings


1360 BC

Nefertiti and her tom were buried in Egypt


1360 BC - 1353 BC

Nefertiti ruled with her husband Akhenaten for approximately 17 years in Egypt. Ruled with her husband, Akhenaten for 17 years

New Culture

1353 BC

The Ancient couple established a new religion called monotheistic which means, “Only one sun god.”

Husbands Death

1353 BC

Nefertiti’s husband Akhenaten died in 1336 in Egypt and was buried in a tomb decorated with artwork in Amarna

Pharaoh Coronation

1350 BC

Nefertiti reigned as a pharaoh over Egypt because Tutankhamun was still in his youth years