The Suitcase



Alexandra Rayford


Chloe Dubois


Sierra Braxton D.O.B.


Murdered Children

Child Victim #1


First victim found
6 Year old boy

Child Victim #2


5 year old boy

Child Victim #3


6 year old boy

Child Victim #4


5 year old girl black

Crime Scenes


Prologue: Scene 3


Mom and daughter come home to find David dead

Prologue: Scene 1


Confessional with hitman and priest

Prologue: Scene 2


David murdered by hitman


Flashback: Scene 1


David Levesque a catholic priest is discovered with damaging documentation.

Flashback: Scene 2


Father David leaves the church without letting the church know due to the damaging information he found

Flashback: Scene 4


David goes back to the church to tell his previous superior that he can't continue to live with the knowledge of what he found andhe will be going to the police.

Flashback: Scene 3


Priest throws away the priesthood and gets married in 1977.

Act I

Young boy's body found by Merrimack River


Investigators walk the scene which is the third they have in 3 months with no leads (June 2012)

June 5, 6:30 am

A man casts his pole out into the Merrimack river by the UMass Lowell Bellegarde Boathouse...his line catches on something and when looks over the wall to try to see if he can get the line loose he sees that it's caught on the body of a child.

Sierra pulls into the parking lot by the boathouse now corded off by crime scene tape. All UMass rowing and kayak rentals have been postponed for the day while the investigation is underway.

C.O.D. strangulation, no aspiration of fluid into air passages, dead before she hit the water

Other injuries: anal tearing, bite marks, cigarette burns

Chloe reads the documents and is astonished at what is revealed


Chloe finds documents in smallest suitcase


Chloe goes yardsaling and purchases used luggage among other things


While Alex is looking at the ledger Chloe hears a tv report


Chloe hears a new report on tv about a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new children's home opening in Lowell funded by one of the names in the ledger from the suitcase, sparking new interest in the mystery dumped in her lap. She also notices a cute little black girl in a bright yellow dress with the same color ribbon in her hair.

She finds out from alex the report was dvr'd from that afternoon and she will refer back to it

Keyword searches puts a tail on Chloe


A call is made to someone to tell him that keywords have come up on David Levesque. The man calls Mathias and tells him to finish the job he botched.

Alexandra and Chloe find the connection in ledger


they find the connecton in the ledger - list of numbers in the back are the ssn's for each person, so they can now id those listed in the book

Chloe goes back to Alexandra's apartment


Chloe goes back to apt to find it ransacked


Chloe gets away with help of Alexandra


Chloe recognizes man library in the cafe


Chloe leaves library and goes to a cyber-cafe


while there she researches some more finding that without suporting detail to confirm an identity the ledger was just names in a book

Chloe goes to library to do research


referench chapter 5

Mathias Flashback


reference chapter 4

Chloe led back to house where she bought luggage


Chloe has a nagging suspicion about what she has read and begins to do some research. She finds that it leads her back to the house where she bought the luggage.

Chloe calls in so she can investigate further


Act II

Chloe meets Sierra


After they get settled for the evening, someone knocks at Alex' door surprising them both. When Alex opens the door she finds Detective Sierra Madson. Alex seems a bit irritated, but tells her to come in. She introduces her to Chloe. As Chloe watches and listens to them both she discovers that they were an item at one time. Sierra tells Alex she heard about a break-in and that she was involved. Sierra asks Alex how she was involved and if she is ok. Alex gives her a very sketchy answer.
In turn Alex asks Sierra how she has been and Sierra shares her frustration about no leads on the current case she is on...children are turning up dead and they are no closer now with 4 bodies than they were with 1. (July 2012)
Chloe notices the underlying tension between the two women. When she hears about the dead children she begins to wonder if there is some connection between the documents she found, what she saw on the news and the case the detective is working on.

Alex shares where her investigation has gotten her


Another body of a child is found


Another child is found - a 5 year old girl with no missing child reports filed...there is no way to put a name to the face (July 2012)

Alex comes across a birth certificate in the data


Alexandra & Chloe tell Sierra about the tv report


They tell Sierra about the tv report and the connection of the child to the sketch, but do not reveal the data that Chloe has found.

Chloe sees news report about the latest missing child


Alexandra and Chloe spend the next couple of days going through all the data in the folder. While Chloe is watching the news a sketch of a young girls comes up and Chloe tells Alex she has seen that girl. She asks Alex to pull up the DVR news from Monday night and points out the small girl on the podium who bears a striking resemblance to the dead child.

She realizes there is a connection to the ledger, the children's homes and the child murders.

Sierra questions Michael Davies


Alex visits the Lowell Baybridge Children's Home


Mathias transitions another child


They discover how the children are truly educated


Chloe poses as a teacher applying for a position


Alex finds out that a teacher went missing at the NY children's home and decide that it may be a way into the new Lowell locaton to see what is going on


Chloe and Alex call Sierra and tell them what they saw


During the car chase Chloe calls Sierra and tells her what they saw at the children's home and what happened with the car

Chloe's attraction to Alexandra blossoms in the hotel


They are driven off the road and go to the hospital


when they are in the hospital they realize that someone is following them and escape and find a hotel

Mathias sent after Chloe and Alex


Chloe & Alex are found in the hotel because they used a credit card


They are found in the hotel when they hear the door knob begins to turn. They slip out a window and go down the fire escape down to the alley and catch a taxi

Mathias' prodigy


Mathias is killed, but his prodigy surfaces to continue transitioning children = cliffhanger