Scipio Africunus


Scipio Africunus Is born

236 BC

2nd punic war starts

218 BC

Scipio Africunus Farther is killed at battle of spain

212 BC

Elected consul. libarates town of locri from Carthage and turns to Africa

205 BC

Scipio Assembles huge army and sails from Sicily to Africa. This forces Hannbal back to Italy

204 BC

Close to 400 ships where needed

Burns a Carthaginian military to ground near Utica; 40,000 Carthagians killed, 5,000 captured.

203 BC

Defeats Syphax and Numidians at battle of Campi Magni, aided by Gaius Laelius and the Numidian King Masi

Follows Hannibal's army to Zama. Defeats Hannibal at Battle of Zama.

202 BC

famous peace meeting between Scipio and Hannibal.

2nd punic war finished. Scipio returns to rome with the win and 123,000 pieces of silver

201 BC

Scipio is elected consul a second time.

194 BC

Marcus Naevius accuses him of granting King Antiochus generous terms or peace in exchange for large bribe.

185 BC

Scipio refutes charge by reviewing record of service to state.

Scipio's death

184 BC

He is buried at Liternum, having stated that the ungrateful citizens of Rome will not have his bones.