Development OF The Environmental Movement


First period of raised environmental consciousness

1900 - 1910

The main motive of the environmental movement was to accomplish a significantly high rate of environmental protection. This was a non-political movement nor were there protest organization that were anti-industrial or anti capitalist

U.S confrence on air pollution

1948 - 1950

An inciden occurs killin120 dead and 600 sent to the hospital because of sulfur dioxide emmisions from a steel and wire plant that decended in the form of snog, resulting to trapped sulfuric acid in the valley's of Donora, PA. This tragic incident leads to the first U.S conference on air pollution in 1950, organized and funded by the Public Health Service

Federal Water Pollution Control Act (FWPCA)

June 30 1948

This was the first piece of legislation that authorized the Surgeon General of the public health service, in cooperation with the state, locals and other federals to develop extensive programs to eliminate pollution. This act goes through other amendments in 1956 through 1972

Theory of Human Extinciction (Paul Ehrilich)


Author of the infamous "The Population Bomb", enters the University of Pennsylvania to study Zoology. During his study in the university he notes the dramatic disappearance in the area of New Jersey, in which he affiliates the loss to the spraying of dichlorodiphenyltrichlorethane during the building of subdivisions. The ever increasing reduction of butterflies, leads Ehrich to think about similar consequence to the human race

Nature Conservancy


A nonprofit organization well known as Nature Conservancy is established, with the goal to protect ecologically important lands and water. This nonprofit organization has contribute to protecting over 119 million acres and 5,000 miles of river world wide as of today

United States Plea for transtion of Dependance on Foriegn Sources to Renewable Energy


The Paley Commision releases "Resources for Freedom"
This was a document that argued the significance for Americans to stop their reliance on oil and possibly aim for solar energy as a replacement. This is more useful in the future, as chair of the presidential commission William Palley establishes an organization dedicated to independent environmental research

Public Awarness


Jacques Consteu's Documentary film 'The Silent World' stirs the public eye with intrest of oceanic life, as it stirs the underworld adventures

Air Polluton Control Act


This becomes the first piece of legslisation that addresses pollution. This is majorly enforced to the public as no means of enforsement are propelled by the government

Second Period of raised environemental consicioness

1960 - 1973

This was massively influenced by Rachel Carson's book 'Silent Spring'. The book is acclaimed to being a ' catalyst to the modern environmental movement. The book goes into detail about environmental and health problems that are caused by pets. This opened a light, and brought critism towards modern industry and capitalism. This was a result of problems such as these in industrialized countries

Energy supply and Environmental Coordination Act


This is the first attempt to balance the nations energy demand with proper environmental regulations.

Toxic substance Control Act


This act mandates the Epa to take charge in controlling all new existing chemical substances being used in North America. The control chemicals such as (PCB) and other toxic products.