Homer (author of the Illiad and the Odyssey) is born

800 BC

Homer dies

750 BC

Thespis (first actor) born in Dionysos

600 BC - 501 BC

Aeschylus (tragedian) born in Eleusis

525 BC

Sophocles (tragedian) born in Colonus

496 BC

Euripides (tragedian) born in Salamis Island

480 BC

Thucydides (Athenian historian) born in Alimos

460 BC

Aeschylus dies in Gela

456 BC

Aristophanes (comic playwright) born in Athens

446 BC

Plato (philosopher) born in Athens

428 BC

Sophocles dies in Athens

406 BC

Euripides dies in Macedonia

406 BC

Thucydides dies in Athens

395 BC

Aristophanes dies in Delphi

386 BC

Aristotle (philosopher & scientist) born in Stagira

384 BC

Plato dies in Athens

347 BC

Aristotle dies in Chalices

322 BC