Olympic Games


1924 Paris


Paris, France held the 1924 Summer Olympics. 3088 athletes from 44 countries participated in 126 events. Germany was not invited to the games. United States coming first with the host nation coming third. Australia came eleventh with six medals.

1928 Amsterdam


Amsterdam (Netherlands) held the 1928 Olympic games with 2883 competitors from 46 countries participated in 109 events. This Olympic games ran smoothly with no major political events. The United State won the Olympic games and the Netherlands came eighth. Australia drew with Norway for nineteenth spot.

1932 Los Angeles


The 1932 Olympic Games was held in the United States, Los Angeles. 1334 athletes competed from 39 states in 117 events. A nine time Finnish Olympic medallist was banned from participating in the games due to have received too much money for travelling expenses. This created Finland to refuse to participate in the traditional Finland-Sweden International event until 1939. Now a big shocker here... the United States came first like always and Australia came tenth with five medals.

1936 Berlin


Berlin (Germany) held the 1936 Olympic games. 3963 participants came from 49 countries fighting for a gold medal in 129 events. This Olympic games was a huge policies event in history. Adolf Hitler regarded this games as 'his' Olympics and sought to exploit the games for propaganda purposes. Many countries wanted to boycott the games and others wanted it relocated. Spain decided to boycott the games and create a new one called the People's Olympiad. But the games didn't take place due to the Spanish Civil War beginning. Only one Jewish person from the German country participated in the event, many others didn't participate due to racial superiority. Adolf Hitler didn't shake hands with a USA long jump medal winner that was widely interoperated as a 'snub' of an African American. Another controversy was the French and Canadian Olympians gave what appeared to be the Nazi salute at the opening ceremony, although they may have been performing the Olympic salute, which is similar, as both are based on the Roman salute. At the end of the Olympics Germany came first and Australia came thirtieth with one bronze medal.

World War 2

1939 - 1945

1948 London


London (Great Britain) held the 1948 Olympic Games. 4104 contestants came to the games from 59 countries to compete in 136 events. The 1940 and 1944 Olympic games were cancelled due to World War 2, Finland and Tokyo were meant to host them but didn't. London was called for the 1948 Olympics in very short notice. But ended up doing a brilliant job. Germany and Japan were suspended from the Olympics due to the war. The Soviet Union was invited but chose not to send any athletes. At the end of the Olympics, the United States came first and Great Britain came twelfth with Australia trailing behind on fourteenth.

1952 Helsinki


Finland, Helsinki held the 1952 Olympics. 4955 contestants from 69 countries competed in 149 events. These Olympic games ran smoothly and didn't have any major political problems and scandals. America came first and Finland came eighth. Australia this Olympic games came ninth with eleven medals.

1956 Melbourne & Stockholm


Our own Australia (Melbourne) held the 1956 Olympic Games. 3314 contestants participated from 96 countries in 151 events. Australia's quarantine rules were so strict that the equestrian events were held in Stockholm, Sweden. Seven countries boycotted this Olympic Games due to the Suez Crisis. when Egypt was invaded by Israel, the United Kingdom, and France after Egypt nationalized the Suez canal. During the end of the Olympics, the Soviet Union came first and Australia came third on thirty five medals.

1960 Rome


The 1960 Olympic Games were held in Rome (Italy), with 5338 contestants from 83 countries wanting a medal in 150 events. This Olympic Games ran smoothly with no political dramas. During the end of the Olympics, the Soviet Union came first and Italy came third with Australia coming fifth on twenty two medals.

1964 Tokyo


Tokyo, Japan held the 1964 Olympics. 5125 athletes came to the Olympics from 93 countries to participate in 163 events. Indonesia and North Korea withdrew from the games. South Africa was suspended from the Olympic Games due to apartheid policies. The suspension was lifted in 1992. At the end of the Games, United States came first and Japan came third. Australia in the end came eighth on eighteen medals.

1968 Mexico


The 1968 Olympic Games was held in Mexico. 5516 contestants came to participate from 112 different countries to win a gold medal in 172 events. A huge part of Olympic history was the black solute. Tommie Smith and John Carlos, two black athletes who finished the 200 metre race first and third respectively, performed the "Power to the People" salute during the national anthem of the United States. Also, students in Mexico City tried to make use of the media attention for their country to protest the authoritarian Mexican government. The government reacted with violence, culminating in the Tlatelolco Massacre ten days before the Games began and more than two thousand protesters were shot at by government forces. During the end of this major Olympic games, United States came first and Mexico came fifteenth. Australia came ninth with seventeen gold medals.

1972 Munich


The 1972 Olympic games was hosted in Munich, Germany. 7234 Olympians competed from 121 countries with 195 events. The Black Power solute also created a lot of controversy this year. The Munich massacre occurred when members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage by the Palestinian terrorist group 'Black September' which had ties to Yasser Arafat's Fatah organization. Eleven athletes, coaches and judges were murdered by the terrorists. The Soviet Union came first this Olympics with West Germany coming fourth. Australia came sixth this Olympics with seventeen medals.

1976 Montreal


Montreal (Canada) held the 1976 Olympic Games. 6084 contestants participated from 92 countries in 198 events. During the Olympic Games, Canada initially refused to allow the Republic of China's team into the country as they did not recognize Taiwan as a nation. Canada's decision was in violation of its agreement with the IOC to allow all recognized teams. Canada then agreed to allow the Taiwanese athletes into the country but only if they did not compete under the name or flag of the Republic of China. This led to huge protests and countries threatening and boycotting the Olympics. At the end of the Olympics, the Soviet Union came first and Canada came twenty seventh. Australia did not have a good Olympic games resulting in thirty second place with only five medals.

1980 Mosocw


Moscow in Russia held this Olympic Games with 5179 participants competing from 80 countries in 203 events. Many countries boycotted this Olympic Games' due to protesting the 'Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan'. An estimated sixty two countries boycotted the games. At the end of the games the Soviet Union of course. Zimbabwe Tanzania received their first medals during this Olympic Games.

1984 Los Angeles


The United States held the 1984 Olympics, 6829 Olympians participated from 140 nations in 221 events. The Soviet Union and all of their allies boycotted the American Olympics due to revenge over America boycotting their Olympics four years earlier. The United States came first at their Olympic Games and Australia came fourteenth with twenty four medals. Morocco and Portugal got their first ever gold medal during the Olympics and Ivory Coast, Syria, Algeria, Dominican Republic and Zambia got their first ever medal.

1988 Seoul


The Republic of Korea, Seoul, held the 1988 Olympics. 8397 Olympians participating from 159 countries in 237 events. North Korea boycotted the games. Albania, Cuba, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nicaragua, and Seychelles also did not attend. This Olympic Games, the Soviet Union came first, and South Korea came fourth. Australia came fifteenth with fourteen medals.

1992 Barcelona


Barcelona (Spain) held the 1992 Olympic Games with 9356 competitors participating from 169 countries in 257 events. These Olympic Games ran smoothly with one unfortunate accident, Russian weightlifter Ibragim Samadov was disqualified for protest after he refused to accept the bronze medal. He was eventually banned for the rest of his life. The Unified Team came first and Spain came sixth in this years Olympic Games. Australia came tenth with twenty seven medals.

1996 Atlanta


The United States held the 1996 Olympic Games, 10318 Olympians competed from 197 countries in 271 events. The Centennial Olympic Park bombing was a terrorist attack on the Olympic Games. The blast directly killed 1 person and injured 111 others; another person later died of a heart attack. It was the first of four bombings committed by Eric Robert Rudolph. Many people wanted to force the cancellation of the Olympics. The United States came first in their Olympic Games and Australia came seventh with forty one medals.

2000 Sydney


Australia held the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. 10651 Olympians came to participate from 199 countries in 300 events. The women's artistic gymnastics, vault was set five centimetres lower than its average height. Many of the competitors in the event were missing the vault completely. A gymnastics gold winner was stripped from her medal after testing positive for pseudoephedrine. There were many incidents of this type happening during the Olympics. At the end of the Olympics, United States came first and Australia came fourth on fifty eight medals. This is Australia's highest medal count and furthest they have gotten in the Olympics.

2004 Athens


Greece held the 2004 Olympics. 10625 Olympians competed in this Games coming from 201 countries. There were many drug scandals during the Athens games. There were horses also being drugged to perform better. At the end of the Games, United States came first and Australia came fourth, with fifty medals and Greece came tenth.

2008 Beijing


The 2008 Olympics were held by Beijing. 10942 contestants competed in the games from 204 countries. Cuban taekwandoist Ángel Matos was banned for life from any international taekwondo events after kicking a referee in the face. These Olympic games were a very protesting ones. Many medal holders protested their medals due to unfair scoring in many events. At the end of the Games, China came first and Australia came sixth with forty six medals.

2012 London


Great Britain held the 2012 Olympic Games. 10568 Olympians competed from 204 countries in 302 events. No huge political events happened in this Olympic Games. At the end of the Games, the United States came first and Great Britain came third. Australia came eighth with thirty five medals.