The Hot Zone Timeline


The First Breakout of the Marburg Virus

August 13, 1967

It occurred in the city it was named after, Marburg Germany. Caused by infections from monkeys, the virus soon got a hold of the Human race and, through rapid succession, killed 7 of 31 people who had gotten infected with the virus.

Ebola Sudan Surfaces

July 28, 1976

Ebola Zaire Emerges in the Yambuku Hospital

Sep 25th, 1976

Panic Begins in Zaire

Oct 13th, 1976

Charles Monet's Vacation at Mount Elgon

Dec 25th, 1979

Monet Arrives at Nairobi Hospital

Jan 11th, 1980

Charles Monet arrives at Nairobi Hospital because he has been infected with the Marburg virus and his body is deteriorating quickly. He suddenly collapsed in the waiting room and starts bleeding profusely. Dr. Musoke, who treated Monet, is infected by Monet's blood and Monet dies, but Musoke lives.

Nancy Jaax's Close Call

Aug 26th, 1983

Ebola Gone Airborne

Oct 10th, 1983

Cardinal's Trouble

Sep 2nd, 1987

The Reston Monkey House

Oct 4th, 1989

Reston Monkey's Test Results

Nov 27th, 1989

The Slaughtering of the Infected Monkeys

Nov 30th, 1989

Monkey House Virus Reemerges

Dec 4th, 1989

Monkey House Cleared For Good

December 18, 1989

Author Visits Kitum Cave

Aug 25th, 1993