Development of Religions


Christianity: Birth of Jesus


Christianity: Crucifixion of Jesus

29 CE

Christianity: Gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke Are Written

70 CE - 100 CE

Christianity: Roman Emperor Constantine Issues the Edict of Milan

313 CE

The Edict of Milan basically states the Roman Empire's religious toleration to Christianity.

Christianity: Council of Nicaea Attempts To Resolve Theological Differences

325 CE


Judaism: Moses Leads Israelites Out Of Egypt and Brings the Torah Down From Mount Sinai

2000 BCE - 1500 BCE

Judaism: Abraham Makes First Covenant With God (Circumcision)

1713 BCE

Judaism: King Solomon Builds First Temple

970 BCE

Judaism: Israel Splits Into Two Kingdoms

920 BCE

Judaism: Creation of the first Jewish Talmud

425 BCE


Hinduism: Arrival of the Aryans in India

1500 BC

Hinduism: Development of the Vedas

1500 BCE - 800 BCE

Hinduism: Beginning of the Caste System

600 BCE

Hinduism: Upanishads Are Composed

600 BCE

Hinduism: The Laws of Manu Are Compiled

200 BCE - 200 CE


Buddhism: Birth of Siddhartha Gautama

563 BCE

Buddhism: Siddhartha's Enlightenment

534 BCE

Buddhism: Siddhartha Gautama, "Buddha" dies

483 BCE

Buddhism: First Council of Buddhism Gathers Siddhartha's Teachings and Establish the Direction for Buddhism

483 BCE

Buddhism: Theravada Buddhism Is Established

300 BCE

The Theravada is older than the other Buddhism branch, Mahayana.


Confucianism: Birth of Confucius

551 BCE

Confucianism: Death of Confucius

479 BCE

Confucianism: Mencius Formulated Confucian Teachings

371 BCE - 289 BCE

Confucianism: Emperor Qin Shi Huang Bans Confucianism

259 BCE - 210 BCE

Confucianism: Han Emperor Wu Abandons Legalism for Confucianism

141 BCE - 87 BCE


Daoism: Development of Tao Te Ching (During Shang Dynasty)

1600 BCE - 1046 BCE

Daoism: Probable Birth of Chinese Philosopher Lao-Tzu

Approx. 600 BCE

Daoism: Creation of Yin and Yang

Approx. 300 BCE

Daoism: Daoism Spreads Throughout China

220 CE

Daoism spreads throughout China while Confucius values fade.

Daoism: First Attempt To Create Daoism Canon (Daozang)

400 CE