Medio Solium (post War)

World Events


210 BC

Hateful Legion establish at Seat of Hate

120 BC

The Great War & Breakdown of Civilization

80 BC - 0 AD

End of War

0 AD

Wall of Minatar construction

8 AD - 132 AD

Bridge of Kindar reconstructed

100 AD

Fortified version of the Bridge of Kindar reconstructed on the Centenary of the end of the war

Lefenii warns of impending crisis

532 AD

Sayoma Queas the Appointed, warns King Roland Urzreck IV of impending crisis.

Hateful Legion rearrival


Rearrival of small elements of the Hateful Legion, they seem to pose no significant threat so are ignored

Hateful Legion breaks through Wall of Minatar

792 AD

Hateful Legion takes over Accip-Ager


Hateful Legion sacks Quelusil


Present Day

982 AD


Age of Aliquancy

210 BC - 982 AD

Baring the scars from the War of Ardoneth and The Cleaving, the land moves into a lower level of natural mystic energy, making power quite rare. Land becomes dominated by non-magical animals.

Seat of Hate scourged

120 BC - 0 AD

Seat of Hate scourged

541 AD - 982 AD

Anocul Begins to grow

792 - 982

Anocul reaches modern day size


Desol begins to grow

959 - 982

Desol reaches Birdeen

961 AD

Desol rolls over remains of Quelusil

962 AD

Desol reaches Scar's Brink


Civilization & Monarchy

First Majorus Dynasty

210 BC - 80 BC

Second Majorus Dynasty

0 AD - 316 AD

Lansrode Dynasty

316 AD - 387 AD

Urzreck Dynasty

387 AD - 536 AD

King Roland II crowned

387 AD

Death in 398 AE

King Thassut Urzreck crowned

398 AD

Death in 421 AE

King Dinver Urzreck I crowned

421 AD

427 AE

King Roland Urzreck III crowned

427 AD

Death in 461 AE

Western Separatist Bloc

435 - 764

Queen Mesenth Urzreck crowned

461 AD

Death in 482 AE.

King Dinver Urzreck II crowned

482 AD

Death in 492 AE

King Nohan crowned

492 AD

Death in 529 AE.
Longest reigning of the Urzreck Monarchs at 37 years.

Birth of Roland Urzreck IV


Humanity reaches its population peak


Roland Urzreck IV crowned


Death of King Nohan Urzreck

King Roland Urzreck IV crowned


Period of Anarchy

536 - 538

Death of King Roland Urzreck IV leads to Anarchy


Death of King Roland Urzreck IV
End of the Urzreck Dynasty leading to Anarchy

King's wife executed


Naida Thenn, wife to Roland Urzreck IV, is executed for treachery

Lapidis Confederacy established

538 - 764

Lapidis Confederacy stops trading with Western Separatist Block


Famine in Western Separatist Bloc

740 - 764

United Southron Lands

764 - 982

Minor Events


671 AD - 982

Ghorbash Boulderbeard Born

886 - 982

The Coven

941 - 970


963 - 981

Killed by Harold the Mohrg
Buried next to the tree on the west of Chesley and given headstone inscribed "A youth cut short 963-981"

Kargoth LIttlehammer murdered by Madison


Earlier that week they had sought work from a furniture maker in Chesley. Later killing a man in the street after getting into an argument they fled Chesley during the night.
On the road travelling west Madison became psychotic, murdering Kargoth Littlehammer.

Jinny Langar

976 AD - 982

South Chesley Farmstead raided


Fench Langar murdered & South Chesley Farmstead raided by Elim, Nox and Cerad.
They prostitute the mother and kidnap the daughter, Jinny Langar whom Elim now raises as his own.

Adventurers assault Screaming Cave


Nox, Elim, Lamp of Shadenol and Cerad assault the kobolds of the Screaming Cave and in the process subsequently come under the service of Raksi.

Chesley Opium Den burns down