Mastery Journey


The Art of Visual Storytelling

August, 2016

Learn the different forms of storytelling
Analyze historical examples of writing
Convey my own ideas and emotions through images
Design my own narratives

Personal Development and Leadership

August, 2016

Acknowledge my life's task
Confirm my goals

Script Analysis and Criticism

September, 2016

Analyze film, television, animation, and games for writing structure, content, and style
Learn how traditional scripts differ across multimedia formats
Learn what questions I need to ask myself when preparing scripts for production

Character Creation and Development

October, 2016

Build a solid backstory for my characters
How to use a psychological foundation to get into a character's head
Create dialogue and character dossiers

Episodic and Serial Writing

November, 2016

Gain experience in episode writing
Learn formatting specific for television shows
Develop my own tv series

Film Screenwriting

January, 2017

Write my own script
Focus on plot
Learn to re-write script from creative notes

Writing for Games

January, 2017

Learn how games are created
How to write a good/solid storyline for a game
Explore mythology, fantasy, science fiction, current social constructs

Storytelling and Storyboarding for Animation

February, 2017

History of Animators and legendary animators
What made Walt Disney so amazing?
Incorporate concepts of visual storytelling
Learn more about character creation and storyboarding

Advanced Script Editing

March, 2017

The four tiers of storytelling
Using the four stages of editing to critique and analyze the four tiers of storytelling
Learn multiple conventions of the writing trade

Creative Writing Portfolio II

May, 2017

Re-evaluate my script based on peer and faculty feedback
Implement project plans
pitch script to potential employers

Creative Writing Portfolio I

May, 2017

Making my portfolio and thesis
Write a viable script that people will want to read and watch
Pitch my concept to faculty and peers for creative feedback

The Business of Creative Writing

June, 2017

Learn the similarities and differences in the entertainment media genre
Learn to navigate legalities, marketing and publishing basics
Delve into current topics and trends that may impact my career