Mussolini (Basic)



July 29, 1883

Preddapio, Italy; His father was a socialist, and he was named after and raised with strong socialist beliefs.

Avoiding Military Service

1903 - 1905

Mussolini left Italy to avoid military service, and he relocated to Switzerland. While there, he studied and became active in the Italian socialist movement, and he was eventually arrested for spreading propaganda.

Military Service

1905 - 1907

He was forced to enlist in the Italian military after originally avoiding it by going to Switzerland.


14 Sep 1911

Mussolini participated in a riot led by Socialist to show his support and the rest of the parties support of being against Italy's Imperialistic ideals in the Libyan capital of Tripoli. This earned him 5 months in prison.

World War I

1914 - 1917

When the war broke out, much of Italy supported the war. Socialist in Italy did not support war, but Mussolini took a stand for it, though it was for his own selfish purposes.

The March of Rome


After years of seeking support and raising funds, Mussolini and his followers stormed the Prime Minister in Rome. They took over power from the king and began setting up a new form of government.

Fascist Voluntary Militia Forms


Mussolini had much of the nation's support in the beginning. He passed laws and made changes that pleased nationalists, liberals, and others, causing the people to place more trust in him.

Youth Movement


In order to spread his beliefs, Mussolini took control of the Italian schools. He began teaching his doctrine in order to raise generations of citizens who believed as he did.

A Police State

1927 - 1930

Over a period of 2-3 years, Mussolini slowly changed laws, giving himself more and more power. By 1927 he had power to do whatever he pleased, making the nation into a police state.

Business Control


By changing laws over time, Mussolini was able to gain control of many of the Italian businesses. He claimed to control over two-thirds of the businesses in Italy by 1935.

World War II

1940 - 1945

Mussolini had been strongly influenced by Hitler over the years, and when World War II broke out, Mussolini sided with Germany. The Allied powers of Britain and later America would soon come after Mussolini.


April 28, 1945

Guilino, Italy; Italians grew steadily unhappier with Mussolini's rule until they finally fired him from his rule as supreme leader in 1942. He was captured by Allied powers in 1943, but escaped, and in 1945 he was captured once again where he was shot and killed. His body (and others) were hung up in a Milan gas station for people to ridicule.