Personal Learning Timeline


Major Events since I was born

I am Born


I was born in New Jersey, and moved to Canada 1 year later. I was born in the John F. Kennedy Hospital.

New Horizons Set off for Pluto


This was when NASA sent out probes to get research on the once was planet, Pluto.

Barack Obama becomes president


Barack Obama is elected as the next president of the United States.

Steve Jobs Dies

Oct. 6 2011

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, dies after diagnosed with cancer.


I read the Maze Runner


In sixth grade, I had a book project to read the Maze Runner. I had read it, and later found out that this was my new favorite book.


I start writing stories


In 1st grade, I begin to write stories. Most of them are about haunted pumpkins who have their own lives to live, and later progress into memoirs and autobiographies that are two pages long.