Isaac Froud

Salubri Healer Sabbat




Isaac was born in 1777 to a British playwrite and educational administrator in London UK. Nothing out of the ordinary happened during his upbringing. He was exceptionally intelligent and hid out in the libraries at the universities that his mother worked at.



Isaac loved being a vampire. The fact that he could hide in plain sight was intoxicating. He loved watching people. He would disappear for days following people and then taking over their lives in an effort to understand who they were and how they lived. This curiosity about humanity and freewill would continue to this day.

Infernal Education Starts


In the early 1800s, Isaac began studying the Baali and Infernalism in a scientific sense. He met and spoke with individuals about their own beliefs, and made friends with several Baali in an effort to learn who and what they were, though he always knew they were different.

Studies Lasombra and the Abyss


Isaac was increasingly interested in Lasombra and the Abyss, always curious about those things and what his family had given up to become what they were. He followed many Lasombra, and learned as much as he could from them. He even dominated several in an effort to learn as much about them as possible, including what they knew about the abyss.

Tracks Baali and Invernalists through Europe

1820 - 1890

In the mid to late 1800s, Isaac left his sire's side and tracked Baali and infernalists throughout Southern Europe in an effort to chronicle and document their actions and moral decisions. It should be of note that very seldom did Isaac make any opinion or shame anyone about their choices. To those he let see him, he was completely nonpartial in what he observed, as his chronicling of individuals wasn't for malicious reasons (though it is completely possible his sire had other plans) but only to know as much as possible.

First Diablery


While tracking his targets through Europe, it so happened that there was a great battle between the infernalists he had watched and a group of what he believed were Camarilla members. After the fight, several lay in torpor, and Isaac, being the ever curious individual, took one to study.

He had chosen what he later would find out was a Toreador Elder and he dissected the individual studying how the kindred body worked first hand. Once he'd learned as much as he could about the individual, and being one that didn't believe in wasting anything, he consumed its soul. This of course he would later note in his journal would be a quite invigorating practice that he would like to engage in later for... Scientific purposes.

First Interaction with Werewolves


In 1855 Isaac began following a pack of werewolves that lived in the South of France who he suspected were working with several infernalists. After confirming their disassociation from the Infernalists he was tracking, he decided to follow their pack for quite some time, even taking over some of their kin in efforts to get closer to them. Eventually this was found out of course, and after several negative interactions, he bartered information on the whereabouts of those kindred that were making their lives misserable for information on their own sect. This was not an easy venture and there were several close calls that almost cause him to lose his life. What makes it worse is that the kindred he'd sold information to found out and chased him out of France, nearly losing his life a second time.

American Education

1890 - 1920

Isaac was a sponge. After he and his sire moved to the United States, he absorbed all the information he could about all subjects. He found mentors and was educated in all sorts of subjects both occult and mundane. He would have stayed here but left for Africa in search of unknown mysteries.

Second interaction with Werewolves


Isaac traveled to Africa in 1920 and ended up near Capetown South Africa. He had come to this continent in search of lore and stories of Wraith of the past but got more than what he'd been looking for. He spent a very large portion of that time in South Africa contending with multiple werewolf packs (and packs of other shifters) fighting and taught several vampires in the area how to steer clear of their fighting. After this he continued on his search for lores of the dead. He would find them too, but at the cost of losing a decade of his life. He got too close to several Samedi and ended up almost being murdered by the local Camarilla. He rested in torpor under his favorite library in Johannesburg from 1950 to 1975. When he was awoke by his sire, he spent quite some time trying to convince him to allow them to stay, but after 5 years was pulled away to the US again where their family needed them.
When he moved back Stateside, he would be presented with his second opportunity at diablary, seemingly falling into finding an ancient torpid Nosferatu during his nightly adventures. Having the belief that one should always try something twice, he indulged and devoured the Nosferatu's soul. He would later say that this was a good decision as it gave him an opportunity to have first hand knowledge of the abilities one of advanced generation could manifest.



1777 - 1820

Southern Europe

1820 - 1890


1890 - 1920

Capetown South Africa

1920 - 2002


2002 - Present



1777 - 1807

Independent Vampire

1807 - Present