Founding of Hanover

The Founding of Hanover

Land Grant Given to John Digges


10,000 acres of land where Hanover would later be located is given to John Digges from Lord Baltimore

Settlers Move to Area


Catholic settlers move into the area that will become Hanover.

Richard McAllister Purchases Land


Richard McAllister purchased the land where the town of Hanover would later be built.

Richard McAllister founds Hanover


Richard McAllister divided his farm into lots and founded Hanover.

Hanover Named


Michael Tanner who owned a lot of land around Hanover suggested the name Hanover because he was from Hanover, Germany. Others agreed because they wanted to keep the German people in the area happy.

Other Happenings

Pennsylvania / Maryland Border Disputed

1730 - 1760

The governments in PA and MD argued over where the border between the two colonies really was.

Mason Dixon Line Formed

1763 - 1767

Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon surveyed the land where Maryland and Pennsylvania joined and determined the border now known as the Mason/Dixon line.

Thomas Jefferson Stays in Hanover


Thomas Jefferson stayed in Hanover on his way to the first Continental Congress