Donna P.


Last Worked


Worked at Shopright. Had to stop do to numbness in leg on right side when waling or standing

50th Birthday


Subsequent Approval



Alleged Onset Date


Protective Filing Date


Unfavorable Decision 1


Found no severe impairments

AC Remand 1


Ordered ALJ to reconsider total record

Unfavorable Decision 2


RFC for Sedentary work involving simple/routine tasks characteristic of unskilled work

AC Remand 2


Remand following a Remand order from the US District Court of EDP. Failed to follow directions of SSR 02-01p and analyze effect of obesity on claimants other impairments

Degenerative Joint Disease

Lumbar Disorder

MRI Lumbar Spine

7/21/03 - 7/22/03


1) L2-3 bulge, facet arthopathy, Spinal Stenosis
2) L3-4 & L4-5 desiccation, no herniation or spinal stenosis

Treated with Rita Carabello, D.O.

7/18/05 - 12/14/06

MRI Of Lumbar Spine (Rita Carabello, D.O)

8/24/2006 - 8/25/2006

Disc dessication at L2-3 with broad based disc protrusion and a right paracentral disc herniation focally compressing the thecal sac anteriorly.

At L3-4 there is disc dessication without stenosis

At L4-5 disc dessication with broad based disc protrusion and a right paracentral to foraminal disc herniation with hypertrophic changes of the facets and ligamentum flavum resulting in focal compression of the thecal sac anteriorly on the right. Possible impingment of the r. L5 nerve root and bilateral foraminal stenosis.

Bilateral Knee Pain

MRI Right Knee

7/21/2003 - 7/22/2003

Impression: Myxoid degeneration posterior horn medial meniscus inflamed anterior cruciate ligament. Soft tissue edema involving the soft tissues of the knee with some prepateller edema.

Doppler of Lower Extremities (14F/7)

10/21/2003 - 10/22/2003

Revealed: moderate left anterior tibial artery disease and mild left posterior tibial artery disease.

Marc Zimmerman, MD - Report (TR 167)

2/27/2004 - 2/28/2004

Physical Exam reveals obese (289lbs) female. Pain on full extension, markedly positive patellar inhibition sign, mild pain on McMurray's. MRI of r. knee reveals question of inflamed ACL. He injected her knee, and reccommened PT if pain continious .

Impression: Chondromalacia patella right knee.

Philadelphia Ortho Associates Note (TR 165)

2/27/04 - 2/28/04

Notes: pain severe when walking, laying, bending, climbing. Walking with Cane, right knee gives out fall.

Marc S. Zimmerman, M.D-Office Note (TR 164)

5/20/2004 - 5/21/2004

Recently fell and twisted her left ankle and is complaining of pain in right calf. Physical exam shows positive patellar inhibition, pain on full extension, complaints of posterior knee pain. PT is recommended, weight loss is essential.

Treated With Rita Carabello, D.O.

7/18/05 - 12/14/06

X-Ray of Knees (Rita Carabello, D.O)

4/19/06 - 4/20/06

Reveals minor to moderate degenerative changes


Depression & Anxiety


Ronald Codario- Employablity Paper

7/21/03 - 7/22/03

Based on Diabetes/anxiety/hierria/depression/back/neck pinched nerve/

Ronald Codiaro- RFC (12F)

11/17/03 - 11/18/03

Lift Carry- Less than 10lbs
Standing Walking- Less than 2 hours
Sitting- Less than 6 hours
Pushing/Pulling- Limited
Never Stooping or other postural activities

RFC: Rita Carabello

12/6/05 - 12/7/05

sitting: 15 minutes/time & 5 hours total
standing/walking: 15 minutes, then must LIE DOWN for 30 Minutes
Standing Walking: 2 hours of 8
Must lie down for 5 hours during the course of the day

Should do no lifiting

Based on DJD, DDD, Knee Pain

Foot Disorder & Ankle Disorder

X-Rays of Ankles (Rita Carabello)

4/19/06 - 4/20/06

Bilateral Calceneal spurs

Valentino Ciullo, DPM (Podiatrist)

4/7/08 - 4/8/08

Positive for neuropathy, burning, pain

Valentino Ciullo, DPM (Podiatrist)

7/7/08 - 7/8/08

Positive for neuropathy & foot pain


Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia`

12/5/05 - 11/8/06

11/8/2006 :Echocardiogram/Doppler revealed left ventricular diastolic noncompliance with mild mitral and tricuspid regurgitation.

Doesn't seem to be a big issue.