Itinerary Timeline

This timeline shows all of the stops we will make on the tour.


1a. Stonehenge: a day during the first stage of construction

July 10, 3100 BCE

2. Pyramid of Giza: funeral of the Pharaoh Khufu

2566 BCE

1b. Stonehenge: a day during the second stage of construction

July 10, 2300 BCE

1c. Stonehenge: a day during the third stage of construction

July 10, 2000 BCE

1d. Stonehenge: summer solstice during the fourth stage of construction

June 21, 1500 BCE

3. The Great Wall of China: a day during the construction of the Qin Great Wall of China

April 21, 215 BCE

4. Petra: winter solstice during Nabatea's golden age

December 21, 20 CE

5. Colosseum: the opening day of the Colosseum

80 CE

6. Machu Picchu: a day during the reign of Pachacuti Inca Yipanqui

August 11, 1462 CE

7. Sistine Chapel: the first papal election held in the Sistine Chapel

August 11, 1492 CE

8. Taj Mahal: a day a few years after the completion of the Taj Mahal

September 8, 1653 CE

9. The Palace of Versailles: the coronation of Kaiser Wilhelm I

January 18, 1871 CE

10: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: first arrival of immigrants to Ellis Island

January 1, 1892 CE

11. One World Trade Center: opening day of the One World Trade Center

November 3, 2014 CE