OneSource.CC,Inc & I See Me, Inc. Relationship


Prestige Agri Group, Inc., through two name changes, becomes OneSource.CC, Inc.

1978 Savings Plus Systems of Mid America (SPS) creates PAG 1983

9/1/1999 - 12/31/2006

Assets purchased by PAG.

Prestige Arabian Center, Inc. (PAC) sold to PAG becomes The Prestige Group, Inc

9/1/1999 - 8/20/2008

1983 Prestige Agri Group, Inc. (PAG) , 2 name changes to OneSource.CC,Inc. (1S)

9/1/1999 - 8/20/2012

See name changes and companies purchased.

9/4/1999 ProForma MultiGraphics Meets Haag/ISM


Initial Meeting gets folder with name and stanndardT&C

PAG changes name to Artful Dragon Productions, Inc.


Artful Dragon Productions, Inc. changes name to OneSource.CC, Inc.