Initiated / led by Stormwater and Sustainability Branch

Integrated approach to catchment management based on principles of sustainability formalized in Catchment, Stormwater and River Management Strategy

May 2002

Flood event raises concerns of increasing extreme events due to climate change within Stormwater and Sustainability Branch

August 2004

Post-flood assessment finds limited local evidence of long-term trends in the rainfall but cautions possible shifts in timing and intensity requiring further research

May 2005

Stormwater Management By-law passed by Council with no mention of climate change

August 2005

Framework Stormwater Infrastructure Management Plan completed recommending high-level masterplanning for entire city

June 2006

Urban Stormwater Impacts Policy and Floodplain and River Corridor Management Policy adopted by Council, both citing climate change as a rationale

May 2009

Salt River catchment masterplan commissioned , including the quantification of potential climate change impacts on rainfall

July 2009

Rainfall analysis completed by UKZN and decision taken to increase rainfall intensity by 15% to account for future climate change

August 2010

Modelling and master-planning of Eastern catchments completed including 15% increase in rainfall intensity and projected local sea level rise

March 2013

Models and masterplans for remaining catchments still not developed, due to lack of funding and staff turn-over

April 2015

Initiated / led by others

Energy and Climate Change Strategy finalized by ERMD

June 2006

Framework for Adaptation to Climate Change in Cape Town commissioned by ERMD completed

August 2006

Global Climate Change Sea-Level Rise Risk Assessment for the City of Cape Town commissioned by ERMD

August 2007

Report on Stormwater and Climate Change for Western Cape Province produced for provincial government

March 2009

Draft Climate Adaptation Plan of Action prepared by ERMD reviewed by Stormwater and Sustainability Branch

April 2009

Provincial government finalizing Western Cape Provincial Climate Change Response Strategy and Action Plan and hosting climate change forum

May 2009

Formation of the Climate Change Reference Group, which became the Climate Change Think Tank

September 2009

Study of local consequences of climate change at marine-freshwater interface in the Salt River catchment completed through the Climate Change Think Tank

September 2011

Final version of Climate Adaptation Plan of Action for the stormwater sector signed off by the Portfolio Committee, facilitated by ERMD

October 2011

City Council adopts the Cape Town Spatial Development Framework integrating the two stormwater policies

May 2012