Assyria - Jonah and Nahum

Situation in Assyria

Golden Age of assyria

883 BC - 823 BC

Assyria slows down

Approx. 850 BC - Approx. 745 BC

Takes time to sort out their internal problem that allows Israel to get their own stuff together and have that golden age.
betwen shal 3 to Tp3


822 BC - 817 BC

about district governers having more power than the king until they were crushed

Formation of District Governors

810 BC - 722 BC

local rulers having more power
caried on for the rest of the ruling even into the weak kings. lots of internal struggles

Weak kings

783 BC - 754 BC

Rulers of Assyria

Ashurnasirpal 2 (883- 859 BC)

883 BC - 859 BC

Shalmaneser III

859 BC - 824 BC

Shamshi-adad V

824 BC - 810 BC

Adad-nirari III

810 BC - 783 BC

Shalmaneser IV

783 BC - 773 BC

Ashurdan III

772 BC - 754 BC

Ashur-nirari V

754 BC - 745 BC


745 BC - 727 BC

Shalmaneser V

727 BC - 722 BC

Sargon II

722 BC - 705 BC


705 BC - 681 BC


668 BC - 631 BC

The most powerful king of Assyria. The empire extended down into Egypt, and over to the Persian sea


Battle of Karkar

853 BC

First contact with Israel. israel and other nations gather to fight Israel and everyone thinks they're victorious. A King didn't go back there

Aram and Israel attack Judah

734 BC

Tp3 takes out Aram and part of Israel

732 BC

year is approximate

Fall of Israel

722 BC

God protects Jerusalem from Assyria

Approx. 700 BC

Destruction of Thebes

663 BC

In Egypt, destoryed by Assyria

Fall of Nineveh

612 BC

Defeated by Babylon. Still need to destroy the rest of the battle

Battle of Megido

609 BC

Josiah dies. Judah intercepts Egypt, who were going to help Assyria. Israel loses, but delays enough that Assyria does not get help


605 BC

Babylon defeats egypt