Punic Wars


Sicilly Clash (First Punic War)

Approx. 264 B.C

Rome and Carthage have a clash in Sicily

Carthaginian quinquereme Captured by Rome

260 BC

Used as first model for Roman Fleet

Roman Fleet, Wins many victories against Carthage

241 BC

Sicily becomes part of the Roman Empire

241 BC

End of First Punic War

241 BC

(Sicily is now part of Rome)

Spain begins to be disputed between Rome and Carthage

240 BC

Second Punic War Starts

218 BC

Hannibal Destroys Roman Army at Cannae

216 BC

Hannibal's Decisive Defeat in Zama, Africa

202 BC

End of 2nd Punic War

201 BC

Third Punic War Begins

149 BC

Final Battle of Punic Wars Destroys Carthage

146 BC

Births/Important People

Hannibals Birth (Son of Hamilcar)

247 BC

Carthage General Hamilcar Barca dies fighting in spain

228 BC

Hannibal succeeds to the command of the Carthaginian forces in Spain, on the death of his brother-in-law Hasdrubal

221 BC

Hannibal Crosses Alps

218 BC