America before WWII


Quarantine Speech

October 5, 1937

The speech was by President Roosevelt to the people in order to stop the war. He wanted peaceful nations to isolate themselves from the aggressive nations.

Cash/Carry Act

September 21, 1939

This act was passed in order to allow warring nations to to buy US arms and weapons. This would only work as long as the consumers bought them and transported them on their own ships

Lend/Lease Act

March 11, 1941 - December 20, 1945

This act was passed in order to help the allies against the Nazis. It was to send arms to nations that were vital to the defence of the US.

Coal/Oil Embargo on Japan

July 26, 1941

This was declared by the US on Japan. It stopped the trade of coal and oil between the US and Japan, which the Japan need it in order to win the war.

Atlantic Charter

August 14, 1941

This document was a private negotiation between Great Britain and the US. It was a list of goals that they must respect during the war and for the post-war. It would later be the foundation of the Declaration of the United Nations.

Attack on Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

The attack was led by the Japanese on the port of Pearl Harbor. It was to disable all battleships and aircrafts, so that the US could not be a threat to the Japanese in the Pacific Islands.

Declaration of War

December 11, 1941

This was a declaration of war between the US and the Axis. This occurred almost immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor.