Bright Angel

Brighty's Life

Brighty's Life

1892 - 1922

Brighty is born and lives pretty long

Brighty meats President Roosevelt


Old Timer dies


Jake Irons and Brighty Fight

Approx. 1910

Historical Timeline

The Gold Rush

1848 - 1855

This made people very rich and wealthy

James marshall finds gold in sutters mill

January 24 1848


Sherman Antitrust Act

July 2 1890

The Sherman Antitrust Act is passed on July 2, 1890. It was the first Federal statute to limit cartels and monopolies to prevent the artificial raising of prices by restriction of trade or supply

Wireless Radio invented

Approx. 1895

Utah Becomes the 45th U.S. State

january 4 1896

Theodore Roosevelt is president

09/14/1901 - 03/04/1909