Mid East through 1500


First Agricultural Breakthrough in Fertile Crescent- E-I

9000 BCE - 7000 BCE

Immense increases in productivity allowed by the Agricultural Revolution created the possibility for new and larger civilizations.

Emergence of Mesopotamian Civilization- E-I and S

3500 BCE

One of the First Civilizations to emerge on the earth with a more complex society.
Eventually gave rise to the world's first written language.

Emergence of Nubian civilization-E-I and S

3500 BCE

One of the First civilizations to emerge with a more complex society.

Unification of Egypt -P

3100 BCE

Unification of Nile River Valley and Nubian civilizations was the beginning of an empire that was maintained for 3000 years.

Reign of Hammurabi in Babylonian Empire- P

1791 BCE - 1750 BC

Emergence of the Code of Hammurabi showing early evidence of class and gender hierarchy.

Hyksos invasion of Egypt (1650-1535 BCE) E and P

1650 BCE - 1535 BCE

Chariot technology brought to Egypt and eventually the knowledge spread throughout Eurasia.
Hyksos rules over Egypt for over a century creating a break in the Egyptian empire.

Beginning of ironworking in Anatolia E (P a little because of weapons but barely)

1500 BCE - 1000 BCE

Marks a new milestone in history in human innovation and ability to create tools and weapons.

Establishment of northern state of Israel and southern state of Judah C and E-I I think

1000 BCE

Established among the Hebrews, the
birthplace of the major religion

Life of Zarathustra. C

600 BCE - 500 BCE

Emergence of Zoroastrianism as a
major Persian religion.

Achaemenid Dynasty. P and C

558 BCE - 330 BCE

Dynasty under which Zoroastrianism
first flourished

Reign of Cyrus in Persian Empire P

557 BCE - 530 BCE

Growth in power and Expansion of
Persian Empire

Jews allowed to return from exile into Persia by Cyrus C and P

539 BCE

Example of Persia’s general policy
of respect for the empire’s many non-Persian cultural traditions

Reign of Darius in Persian Empire

522 BCE - 486 BCE

Further expansion and growth of the
Persian Empire