"March" by Aydin Powell


Trip to north

June, 1951

Congressman John Lewis takes a trip to the north, the desegregated city inspires him to join the civil right's movement.

Schools desegregated in Montgomery.


Emmett Hill Murdered

August, 1954

14 year old Emmet Hill murdered yet the suspects were declared innocent; they confessed to the murder after the trial.

John Lewis attends non-violence workshop

March 26, 1958

Congressman Lewis attends a non-violence workshop conducted by Jim Lawson.

Test sit-in #1

November 28, 1959

Congressman Lewis attends first test sit-in at a downtown department store.

Test sit-in #2

December 5, 1959

Congressman Lewis attends second test sit in.

Sit-in #1

February 7, 1960

Congressman Lewis attends the first official sit in.

First arrest

February 27, 1960

Congressman Lewis is arrested for disturbing the peace.

Looby House bombed

April 19, 1960

The Looby house is bombed; major turning point.

First black customers served

May 10, 1960

Department stores begin serving black customers.