Island of the Blue Dolphins

Karana's Timeline

Karana's lifetime(AS)

1835 - 1875

It is possible that Karana lived for 40 years estimated by the time people live in the 1800's.

On the Island(AS)

1835 - 1853

She is the "Lost Woman of San Nicolas. And actually this is the time she spent on the island

Chief Chowig Dies(AS)

Approx. 1847 - 1847

Her father died because of the Aluets. They stabbed him with a knife. After stabbing him, the tribe and Aluets had a war, but the russians quickly escaped by boarding on to their ship full of fur pelts from the seals that once lived there.

Karana and an unusual friendship


Karana and Rontu finally become friends

Historical Timeline

Fur Trading(AS)


Russian fur had had a long history even before it became an essential part of the world fur market. The ancient Russians used furs in the household - as warm clothing in the cold wintertime and as soft bedding. Fur was an important part of economic activities: pelts of sable, marten, beaver and other fur-bearing animals acted as a currency. One could pay with fur for any kind of goods, education or church service. Pelts were levied as sales duties and customs duties, fines and tributes. There are well known occurrences in Russian history, when valuable furs served as an adjusted form of tribute collected from the population.

Fort Wagner


Morris Island in South Carolina was very difficult. Troops could not cross the bypass or the area.