NASA Space ShuttleS


Columbia Space Shuttle

April 12, 1981

John Young and Robert Crippin pilots of the space shuttle Columbia on the flight of the Space Transport System.

The Challenger shuttle

Nov. 11, 1982

Space shuttle Challenger is launched.

The shuttle Discovery

Aug. 30, 1984

First flight of space shuttle Discovery.

Atlantis Shuttle

Oct. 7, 1985

Atlantis deploys a classified satellite for the Department of Defense.

Explosion of Challenger

Jan. 28, 1986

Challenger explodes 73 seconds into the flight.

Shuttle Discovery Satellite

September 29, 1988

The first shuttle flight after the Challenger disaster. Discovery launches a satellite.

Shuttle Venus

May 4, 1989

The Magellan Venus probe is launched from Atlantis, the first U.S. planetary mission in 11 years and the first launched from a shuttle.

Atlantis spacecraft

Oct. 18, 1989

Atlantis launches the Jupiter-bound Galileo spacecraft.

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