AP European History Timeline



1304 - 1374

Father of Humanism and interpreter of Greko-Roman Texts.

Avignon Papacy

1309 - 1377

Papacy took up occupation in France, and this not only was cause for questions of papal loyalty but stirred frictions between church and state, with one pope threatening to excommunicate the king. 8 successive popes.


1313 - 1375

"The Decameron"

John Wycliffe

1320 - 1384

Scriptures are the only source of knowledge/Transubstantiation?/Lollards

Hundred Years War

1337 - 1453

House of Plantagenet (England) v. House of Valois (France). New sense of nationalism that leads to the dominance of the state.

Black Death

1346 - 1353

Sickness in Europe decreases power of Church as people begin to lose faith in the churches ability to interpret the will of God.

Jan Hus

1369 - 1415

Church Lies and Priests are Fake/Wine and Bread for all
He gets executed by the Church.


1377 - 1446

Duomo - Largest dome in Europe based on Greko-Roman Architecture.

Western Schism

1378 - 1417

3 Popes cause conflict, dividing territories into those loyal to the East and the Avignon.


1386 - 1466


Da Vinci

1452 - 1519

Writer, Scientist, Inventor "Vitruvian Man" depicting the nature of humanity and "The Last Supper" which uses geometry and linear/atmosphere technique in the situation of Jesus's final hours.

Fall of Constantinople


Fall of the Byzantine Empire - the end of the Western Roman Empire. Sends thousands of Christian scholars to Italy. While a blow to Christianity, the fall helped promote new trade as Italy was the primary intermediary between Europe and the Ottoman Empire.

War of the Roses

1455 - 1487

Houses of Lancaster and Houses of York fighting each other. Brings Henry VII to power under the Tudor Dynasty and he unites the kingdoms.


1475 - 1564

Painter of Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Famous artist and sculptor.