Cold War Arms Race


First us atomic bomb detonated

July 16, 1945

began the threat of us nuclear superiority

USSR detonates their first atomic bomb

August 29, 1949

End of U.S monoply on atomic threat

America tests hydrogen bomb


Also known as thermo-nuclear bomb, a significant power increase above a typical nuclear bomb

Massive Retaliation


idea announced by Eisenhower,Fueled the idea of MAD

First ICBM missle launched by USSR

August 21, 1957

Named the R-7, was a significant range increase. Posed a major threat to the US because they could strike from farther than they could.

Sputnik put into orbit

4 October 1957

Major soviet advance in space-race, moral shift, showed society that the USSR was a very strong world power.

US develop ICBM technology

9 July 1959

U-2 Incident

1 May 1960

USAF spy aircraft shot down over USSR

Soviets detonate Tsar Bomba

October 1961

An unnecessarily large bomb meant for intimidation