Birth and Death

Birth of Michelangelo

March 6, 1475

He was born in Caprese, Italy, near Florence.

Death of Michelangelo

February 18, 1564

His body was moved to Florence to be buried. Even at the end of his life, he felt that he was not good enough. He lived to be 88 years old.

Life Events

Michelangelo is introduced to Medicis


He was first apprenticed to a sculptor who worked for the Medicis. He eventually worked for Lorenzo de' Medici.

Michelangelo Flees Florence


Florence fell in 1530 and Michelangelo was forced to flee to Rome.

Painting Projects

Sistine Chapel Ceiling and Walls

April 1508 - October 31, 1512

This series of paintings was a challenge for Michelangelo because he was not experienced in painting, and he did not accept help from any expert fresco painters.

Altar Wall of Sistine Chapel

1534 - 1541

Michelangelo painted this fresco for Pope Paul III. The world-famous painting is called The Last Judgement.

Sculpting Projects

Pieta completion


This was Michelangelo's first completed sculpture.

Sculpting David

1501 - 1504

Michelangelo carved this humongous statue out of a previously messed up project. It is 17 feet tall.

Starts Sculpting Pope Julius II's Tomb


This project was continued for some time until Michelangelo was distracted by other projects and stopped working on it. He eventually finished most of it around 1547.

Sculpts Brutus


He made this sculpture for Cardinal Ridolfi.