Samuel Morse



April 27, 1791

I am born in Charlestown, Massachusetts.


September 29, 1818

I marry Lucretia Pickering Walker in Concord, New Haven.

Lucretia Dies

February 7, 1825

While I am was painting a portrait of Lafayette in Washington I received a message that my wife was very ill. But by the time I was notified and returned to New Haven she had already been buried. Out of devastation, I started thinking of a way to communicate quickly over a long distance.

Father dies

June 9, 1826

My father, Jedidiah Morse, passed away.

Lectures in New York Atheneaum


While lecturing in the New York Athenaeum I befriended Professor James Freeman Dana. He lectured about electromagnetism and electricity and through our friendship I started understanding their properties and functions.

Mother dies


My mother, Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese Morse, passed away.

I travel to Europe

November, 1829

Out of depression that my parents and wife passed away I travel to Europe to recover.

Idea of using electromagnetism in telegraph.


On my trip back from Europe I started a conversation with Charles Jackson. He explained me some characteristics of electromagnetism which I then used to plan a telegraph that used electromagnetism to send messages over a long distance through copper cables.

Gallery of the Louvre is finished.


I finish my painting the ''Gallery of the Louvre''. My painting was rejected by the public for the lack of narrative interest.

Devoted attention to the telegraph


After finishing my last paintings, I stopped painting and turned all of my attention to the telegraph.

Form partnership with Alfred Vail


I for a partnership with my fellow friend and scientist Alfred Vail, who gave money and mechanical skills to the project. He also suggested using dots and dashes for every letter of the alphabet, contrary to my idea of having dots and dashes for every word in the English language.

Recieved money to fund first telegraph message

March 3rd, 1843

Congress votes to give me $30,000 to construct an experimental telegraph line from Washington D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland.

First message sent

May 4th, 1844

I send my first telegraph message from the Supreme Court chamber in Washington D.C. to a railroad depot in Baltimore, Maryland. The message is ''what hath god wrought?''.

First patent received


I receive the first patent for my telegraph from the Sultan Abdülmecid in Turkey, who greatly admired my work.

Recieved US patent


The US Supreme Court upholds my patent claims for the telegraph. Every US company that uses my system now pays me royalties.

Transatlantic telegraph cable laid


First communications through transatlantic telegraph cable

August 16, 1858

The first communications through the transatlantic telegraph cable were made from Newfoundland to Ireland.


April 2nd, 1872

I pass away at the age of 81 in New York. I'm buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn.