Timeline for the Nation State of Romanor


The timekeeping of Ages

Ages of the Black Sun

10,000 BCE - 5,000 BCE

The Ages of the Black Sun is regarded as Pre-History and Dark Early History of Romanor. During this period several very ancient states, city states, and very small theocratic kingdoms rose and fell in the areas of Romanor, though in truth very little is known about this period except for the ruins found in isolated locations and some very minor texts that somehow survived in the form of oral tradition until the end of this Age.

Age of Divinity

5000 BCE - 2000 BCE

The Age of Divinity is when the peoples of Ancient Romanor emerged from the Ages of the Black sun forming the first cohesive minor Kingdoms and larger city states. This period while still bleak in comparison to the succeeding Ages, was remarkably better recorded than the preceding Ages of the Black Sun. It is also during the Age of Divinity that the Divine Faith begins to form.

Age of Blood

2000 BCE - 1000 BCE

Age of Blood was a time when the Age of Divinity ended in the great slaughtering of the city state of Aerethor. With the destruction of the city at the hands of its enemy it ushered in a total collapse of the most powerful of the Divine City States throwing the entirety of the Romanori City states into a tumultuous time of revenge killings and slaughter. The great wars of this period shaped what would come.

Age of Towers

1000 BCE - 50 BCE

The Age of Towers is the period following the horrid Age of Blood. It is in this period that many of the Kingdoms formed from the city states, several emerging to challenge one another for power throughout Romanor. This is also the period immediately preceding the formation of the First Imperium, colloquially known as the Old Imperium.

Age of Swords and Steel

50 BCE - 1135 CE

The Age of Swords and Steel is marked as the duration of the Old Imperium. From it's creation following the Age of Towers to it's fall at the hands of Andarien the Mad. the Old Imperium forever shaped Romanor and indeed some of the surrounding lands as well.

Age of Maleficaria

1135 AD - 1556 AD

The Age of Maleficaria was seen as the Interregnum. A period after the Old Imperium's fall at the hands of Andarien the Mad following the War of the Revanent . This period saw the shattering of the Old Imperium, the reformation of many of the preceding Kingdoms and City States all vying to survive and retain power that had been lost. It is during this Age that the set up for the Imperium's restoration and the rise of the Second Imperium, colloquially known as the New Imperium began.

Age of Gilded Banners

1556 AD - 1888 AD

The Age of Gilded Banners followed the Age of Maleficaria. During this Age the New Imperium was founded and prospered fighting wars of reclamation against the states that had split with the downfall of the Old Imperium. It is during this Age that the Imperium began its path to the modern era.

Age of the Eternal Throne

1888 AD - Present

The Current Age, the Age of the Eternal Throne was seen to begin with the coronation of Maxius IV. It is this Age that we are currently in and is noted as the "Eternal Throne" because of the longevity of Romanor and the grandeur, prosperity and power the throne, Monarchy and nation exhibits to the world.


Leaders of Romanor

Dynasties will share the same color.

Wars and Conflicts

Just the various wars and conflicts of Romanor

War of the Hegemon

March 23, 177 BC - December 29, 153 BC

The War of the Hegemon.

Started when the son of the King Faurian was murdered at the Festival of Springtide by agents of the rival Kingdom of Resvayne. King Faurian took his Kingdom, Rema to war with Resvayne vowing to get revenge for his son on the Kingdom of Resvayne. The war quickly exploded into a conflict that ranged all across the penisula as other Kingdoms and City States joined into the conflict with each side garnering more and more support.

In the end it Resvayne was defeated with their King dying on Hollow's Tide Day (December 27) and his Kingdom signing a humiliating annexation treaty on December 29. The treaty became known as the Hollows Tide Treaty.

Hollow's Tide Treaty

December 29, 153 BCE

The Hollow's Tide Treaty is what ended the War of the Hegemon and brought the Kingdom of Resvayne through annexation into the Kingdom of Rema under Knig Faurian II.

Following the Treaty's signing in Rema it was the start of the rising power on the Aelian peninsula.