Stutor's Vision


App is fully developed and functional!

Approx. May 18, 2016

Developed (hypothetically) by a company called ExpertsFromIndia.

Hire a Technician/Web Admin

Approx. June 6, 2016

Stutor is in dire need of a great technician, someone who can manage the web traffic, troubleshoot, program, etc.
May be considered a potential partner for the business.

Potential Partnerships

Approx. July 26, 2016

The best scenario for Stutor is if some colleges or high schools are willing to develop a partnership with us, which would help expose the business to the students in the respective schools. Stutor could also offer free tutoring sessions to the students of each respective schools, after having working out some sort of a deal with the school (similar to how Uber gives free rides to all USC students within 2 miles radius of campus).

50th Tutor Reached!

September 19, 2016

4 months after launch, Stutor aims to have 50 tutors signed up.


Friends and Family Funding

May 15, 2016

Hoping to raise about $10,000.

Developers present a mock version of the app, and receive payments.

Approx. May 17, 2016

It took about 2 months for EFI to build the app.

Breakeven Point

Approx. October 16, 2016

Hypothetical assumption: 10 sessions a day at $40/hour = $400/day x 15% = $60.
$9,000 is approximately the cost of app and web development. So about 150 days to breakeven the cost of development.

Profit Level Reached

November 1, 2016

By the month of November, Stutor has high hopes of already making a profit. This is assuming that the number of tutoring sessions take place at a steady rate with minimal fluctuations. Most ideally, as the business markets itself and grows, more tutor will be signing up and more sessions will be available a day which will generate more revenue.



April 4, 2016

Set up a booth at a busy intersection to talk to customers and acquire their feedbacks. Gained only 11 people to sign up after the first 2 hours.

LA Times Festival of Books

April 9, 2016

Found the perfect opportunity for a test group at the book fair held on campus for preliminary test for customers. Approached different kinds of people ranging from young teens down to their parents.

First Session!

May 19, 2016

As soon as the app goes on the market, Stutor is hoping to start its first tutoring session on this day!


Ad Campaigns Finalized

May 16, 2016

Marketing campaigns utilizing marketing companies and methods such as AppShouts (to get featured on articles and expose Stutor to the mass)

Finalize Web Design and Logo

May 16, 2016

Go over every details of the mock website and the logo itself, make any changes if needed and finalize it.