The Birth of Civilization

Middle East, Ancient Near East, India, China, America

Key events and people in Mesopotamian History

Rise of Sumerian cities, especially Uruk

3500 BC - 3000 BC

Early Dynastic period of Sumerian city-states

2800 BC - 2370 BC

Sargon establishes Akkadian Dynasty and Empire

2370 BC

Third Dynastic of Ur

2125 BC - 2027 BC

Establishment of Amorites in Mesopotamia

Approx. 2000 BC - Approx. 1800 BC

Reign of Hammurabi

Approx. 1792 BC - Approx. 1750 BC

Establishment of Kassite Dynasty at Babylon

1550 BC

Major periods in Ancient Egyptian History

Dynasties in Roman Numerals