Ennis Cosby's Murder

A timeline about Bill Cosby, His son Ennis, and the man who murdered Ennis

Ennis Cosby

Ennis Cosby Born

born in Los Angeles, had four sisters, two older, two younger

Studied hard but got low grades

really struggled in high school and barely graduated

Diagnosed as dyslexia

Follow Parents' friend suggestion to took a test for dyslexia, while he was attending Morehouse College

Enrolled in Landmark college

Summer program, Only college exclusively for students with learning disabilities

helped quell the unrest

riots erupted in the downtown Atlanta and threatened to spread to Morehouse

Graduated Morehouse College

Morehouse college is a private, all-male, liberal arts, historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia

Graduate School at Teacher's College, Columbia University

Ph.D. candidate in special education at Columbia University, he was working on his doctorate when he was killed,

Started to Tutor Public School student "Walter Douglas"

He started tutoring the young man in 1992 and continued to be his mentor until his death

Earned Master's degree

In special education at Teacher's Collge


shot in his head as he was changing the flat tire of his Mercedes Benz in freeway in California


buried in private cemetery, the Cosbys placed a sign on the front lawn, saying"Hello Friend"

Scholarship Fund

Bill Cosby

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Born, Bill Cosby

Went to US navy

Worked as a Hospital Corpsman

Career as an Stand up comedian

Started at Philadelphia

Got married with Camille Hanks

His fame

First black performer,appeared as "Alexander Scott" in "I Spy", won an Emmy award

I Spy

First TV drama show with a black character in which the role was not specifically written to be "black" (Cosby)

The Bill Cosby Show


Educational cartoon: Fat Albert and the Cosby kids, The new Fat Albert and the Cosby kids

Received an MA From the University of Massachusetts

Fat Albert animated TV series

Ed.D., University of Massachusetts

Earned a doctoral degree in Education in University of Massachusetts

The Cosby Show

His greatest television success, The Cosby show

Recall his son

Visited the scene of murder and placed a cross which bore the message"Thank you, friend"

Scholarship Funds

Cosby Event Raises Scholarship Funds

Against death penality

spoke out against giving Markhasev the death penalty

The Presidential Medal of Freedom

Awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contributions to television

Become an active member of The Jazz Foundation Of America.

Mikail Markhasev

This is the man who killed Ennis during a mugging

Lived in Ukraine

born in L'vov Ukraine, Russia

came to USA with mother from Ukraine

got all As and Bs in 5th and 6tgh grades

transferred to gift and talented program

10th grade dropped out of HS

mother moved with him to Encino

to escape the Latino gangs that he was interested in

pleaded innocent

convicted of murdering Ennis cosby

sentenced to life withour parole

Confessed his guilt