To Kill a Mockingbird Timeline

This timeline is written by David Lee.


Jem and Scout Finch meet 'Dill' (Chapter 1)


"My name is Charles Baker Harris." he said.
"I can read."

Jem and Scout meet in Miss Rachael Haverford's collard patch. Dill is a symbol of childhood for Jem and Scout.

Scout Finch starts First Grade at school


"Until it occurred to me that I would be starting school in a week. I never looked forward to something so much in my life."

It is beginning of the elementary school life for Scout.

Scout rolls into the Radley yard.


i raised my head and stared at the Radley place steps in front of me. I froze."come on Scout, din't just lie there!" Jem was screaming.

This is a example of prejudice. Even though Scout and Jem have never met or talked to the Radleys. They assume the stories of the town that their house is cursed.

Jem, Scout and Dill got shot in Radley's yard during the night.


"Halfway through the collards, I tripped. As I tripped the roar of a shotgun shattered the neighborhood."

This is key event links extremely well with the theme of prejudice and persecution because Mr. Nathan Radley assumes that it was a negro who he shot at. A powerful example of prejudice.

Jem and Scout collect items from the knot hole (Ch. 7)


We were walking past our tree. In its knot hole rested a ball of grey twine. "Don’t take it, Jem," I said. "This is somebody’s hiding place."

This seems to be a significant event through out the chapter.

Miss Maudie's house burns down


“Miss Maudie’s tin roof quelled the flames. Roaring, the house collapsed; fire gushed everywhere, followed by a flurry of blankets from men on top of the adjacent houses, beating out the flames..”

In the confusion, someone drapes a blanket over Scout. When Atticus later asks her about it, she has no idea who put it over her. Jem realizes that Boo Radley put it on her. We can notice that Boo is always stay behind Jem and Scout.

Scout finds out that her dad is defending a negro


’’Then why did Cecil say you defended niggers? He made it sound like you were running a still".

Atticus defends a negro. In this chapter, Scout heard bad prejudice about black man, even though they are not bad. We can notice the characteristics of period.

Atticus shoots the mad dog


“The rifle cracked. Tim Johnson leaped, flopped over and crumpled on the sidewalk in a brown and white heap’”.

In this chapter, we can notice Atticus's shooting skills.

Lula criticises Calpurnia for bringing white children to 'coloured church'.


‘I wants to know why you bringing white chillun to nigger church’.

Lula is not happy than Calpurnia has brought white children to ‘coloured church’. In this quote, we can notice there was race discrimination.

Mrs Dubose dies (Chapter 11)


“She’s dead son’, said Atticus. ‘She died a few minutes ago’.

Atticus tells his children that Mrs Dubose has died because she had a addiciton of morphin. Jem reading to her made her stop take the Morphine.

The mob threatens Atticus and Scout softens Mr Cunningham. (Ch. 15)


‘You know what he want’, another man said. ‘Get aside from the door, Mr Finch’.

Mob trying to pressure Tom Robinson even though Tom didn't do anything. In this chapter, we can notice there was human discrimination.

Tom Robinson's trial begins in which a lot of people attend.


‘I am not. t’s morbiod to watch a poor devil on trial for his life’

Many peoples are attend in this trial because the reason of trial is controversial. In my sight, It seems good because the white person defends black person to prove black's innocence.

Mayella Ewell testifies against Tom Robinson


‘That nigger yonder took advantage of me’an if you fine fancy gentlemen dont’t wanna do nothing…..’

It is the process of trial. Mayella seems like saying lie

Atticus ask a question to Mayella to prove Tom's innocence.


"Mr. Ewell, can you read and write?"
"You're left-handed, Mr. Ewell,"
"If her right eye was blacked and she was beaten mostly on the right sight side of the face, it would tend to show that a left-handed person did it."

Atticus prove Tom Robinson couldn't use right hand and he figured out Mayella has bruise on her right side of eye. Also Mr. Ewell is left-handed. What else need to be said?

The injuries go to other room to discuss about this case.


"It's time we all did. We'll take ten minutes."

People might feel strange when the judge Taylor said this because in the past, black person always defeat at trial against whites. Also judging time was short. But in this case, injuries take long time to consider this case so people think the result can be change. In my opinion, this is beginning of change.

Atticus said that Tom Robinson is dead.


"Tom's dead"
"They shot him "

Tom got shot in jail. As people said, Tom was trying to climb the wall to escape but unfortunately that cause him to death. In my opinion, this show tragic reality.

Jem and Scout are attacked by Bob Ewell in the night.


"Then they stopped. He was running, running toward us with no child's steps."
"Run, Scout! Run! Run!"
"Jem, Jem help me, Jem!

Someone attacked Jem and Scout. This happen bring out big incidents.
In my opinion. Bob Ewell attacked children because he felt betrayed as a white. Actually, Atiicus defends black.

Heck tries to cover the affair for Boo Radley,


"Know everything that's happened here since before I was born. There's a black boy dead for no reason, and the man responsible for it's dead. Let the dead bury the dead this time, Mr. Finch. Let the dead bury the dead."

Heck knows truth of the case and he shows different characteristics compare with Maycomb peoples. Maycomb peoples are in whites side, they discriminate people by race and they don't like to hear what black people's saying. But in this chapter, Heck and Atticus shows the possibility that can be familiar with black peoples.