Patterns of World History


Italian Mariners pioneered commerce between Mediterranean and Northwestern Europe

Approx. 1277 - Approx. 1281

Turkish Warlord Osman declared himself indepedent ruler from Byzantine empire


Portuguese Conquest of Cueta in North Africa

Approx. 1415

Portugal uses Apocalypse scare to justify conquering and Converting other land

Ottoman Capture of Constantinople

Approx. 1453

Queen Isabella Rule

1474 - 1504

Union of Aragon and Castile


King Ferdinand II Rule

1479 - 1516

Spanish Inquisition

1481 - 1492

Castile and Aragon Conquest of Granada

Approx. 1492

the Kingdoms of Aragon and Castile did not want to be left behind the Portuguese, so they conquered Granada, occupied ports in North Africa, and sent Colombus to find a route to India

Columbus Sails for India, finds America


Lands in Cuba

Spanish Expulsion of Jews


Jewish population dropped from 300,000 to 80,000

Treaty of Tordesillas


Vasco da Gama circumnavigation of Africa and journey to India for Portugal

Approx. 1498

uprising of Muslims in Granada

1499 - 1500

Ottoman siege of Vienna


Peace treaty between Ottomans and Austrian Habsburgs


Expulsion of Muslims from Spain


7 Years War

1756 - 1763