The French Revolution


Estates General meets at Versaile

May 5, 1789

Third Estate Declares itself the National Assembly

June 17, 1789

Oath of the Tennis Court

June 20, 1789

Great Fear

July, 1789 - August 1789

Storming of the Bastille

July 14, 1789

Abolishment of Feudal Privileges

August 4, 1789

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

August 27, 1789

Women March on Versaille, Royal Family returns to Paris

October 5, 1789

National Assembly Confiscates Church Lands

November 1789

Civil Constitution of the Clergy Establishes a national Church

July, 1790

France Declares war on Austria

April 1792

Mob Attacks the Palace, Louis XVI is taken prisoner

August 1792

September Massacres, France declared a Republic

September 1792

Reign of Terror

1793 - 1794

Louis XVI executed

January 1793

France declares war on Britain

February 1793

Struggle between Girondists and The Mountain

March 1793

Creation of Committee of Public Safety

April 1793

Arrest of Girondist leaders

June 1793

Price controls instituted

September 1793

National Convention bans women's political societies

October 1793

Abolishment of slavery in all French territories

february 1794

French armies victorious on all fronts

march 1794

Robespierre Executed

July 1794

Economic controls abolished


France regains control of Saint-Domingue


Napoleons Rule

1799 - 1815

Napoleon Seizes Power


Foundation of the Bank of France


France defeats Austria, acquires Italian and German Territories


Treaty of Amiens


Napoleonic Code

march 1804

Napoleon Crowned Emperor

December 1804

Napoleon redraws maps of Europe


Spanish revolt against French Occupation


Napoleon Invades Russia

June 1812

Napoleon retreats from Russia

December 1812

Napoleon abdicates and is exiled to Elba

April 1814

Napoleon attempts to regain power but is defeated at Waterloo and improsoned

June 1815