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Jean Piaget

08/09/1896 - 09/16/1980

Abraham Harold Maslow

April 1, 1908 - June 8, 1970

Albert Ellis

09/27/1913 - 07/24/2007

Aaron Temkin Beck

1921 - Present

Albert Bandura

1925 - Present

Martha Bernal

April 13 1931 - 2001

Stanley Milgram

1933 - 1984


Martha Bernal Birth Data

April 13, 1931

Mexican American Civil Right Movement

1940 - 1949

Fair Employment Practices Bill


Senator Dennis Chávez of New Mexico introduces the first Fair Employment Practices Bill, which prohibits discrimination because of race, creed or national origin. The bill fails, but is an important predecessor for the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Bernal's Bachelor's Degree


University of Texas El paso

Operation Wetback

1953 - 1958

During "Operation Wetback" from 1953 and 1958, the U.S. Immigration Service arrests and deports more than 3.8 million Latin Americans. Many U.S. citizens are deported unfairly, including political activist Luisa Moreno and other community leaders.

African American Civil Rights Movement

1954 - 1968

The Nature of Prejudice


Social Psychologist Gordon Allport publishes The Nature of Prejudice, which draws on various approaches in psychology to examine prejudice through different lenses. It is widely read by the general public and influential in establishing psychology's usefulness in understanding social issues

Hernandez v. Texas


Hernandez v. Texas is the first post-WWII Latino civil rights case heard and decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Hernandez decision strikes down discrimination based on class and ethnic distinctions.

Vietnam War

11/1/1955 - 4/30/1975

Anti-Psychiatry Movement

1960 - 1975

Chicano Movement

1960 - 1969

First Latina to get a Doctoral Degree in Psychology (Indiana University)


Community Mental Health Centers Act passed


U.S. President John F. Kennedy calls for and later signs the Community Mental Health Centers Act, which mandates the construction of community facilities instead of large, regional mental hospitals. Congress ends support for the program in 1981, reducing overall funds and folding them into a mental health block-grant program.

Bernal received her first grant from the National Institute of Mental Health


Bernal used the grant to study the use of classical conditioning on autistic children.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund


DSM II was published


Bernal as an Assistant Professor


Bernal first teaching position (University of Arizona at Tucson)

National Hispanic Psychology Association

1970 - Present

The DSM-III is published




Introduces its line of video games into the American Market

DSM IV published


Military’s psychopharmacology program


First Psychologists prescribe medication through the U.S. military’s psychopharmacology program

Martha Bernal Death


Bernal received APA Award


Bernal received the Distinguished Contribution to Psychology in the Public Interest Award