Duodenoscope Related CRE Outbreaks


Outbreak at 2 Hospitals in Highland County Florida

As many as 70 exposed, 15 dead, legitimate issues with reprocessing

Outbreak at Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam Netherlands

30 infected, 22 due to a TJF-Q180V scope

Outbreak in Charlotte County Florida

22 infected, 7 dead, likely reprocessing issues

Outbreak at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA

18 infected, unreleased numbers dead, questionable link to duodenoscope, not exposed until 2014

Outbreak at Charite University, Berlin, Germany

12 infected, ended when scopes sent to Olympus for maintenance

Outbreak at Virginia Mason, Seattle Washington

32 infected, 16 dead

Outbreak at University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worchester MA

10 infected

Outbreak at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge IL

39 patients infected, at least 4 dead, First proven instance of infected, properly reprocessed scopes

Outbreak at Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee WI

4 patients infected

Outbreak at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia PA

8 infected, 2 dead

Outbreak at Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles CA

4 infected, 1 dead, but from other complcations

Outbreak at UCLA Ronald Reagan Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles CA

8 infected, 3 dead, 179 patients exposed

Outbreak at Huntington Memorial Hospital Pasadena CA

3 infected

General Trends in Duodenoscope related CRE infections

142 Disclosed Incident Reports from the FDA

TJF-Q180V Goes on the Market

Less than 10 reported incident reports- spike in incidences noticed here

Olympus Warns European users of safety concerns around TJF-Q180V

70 incidence Reports

Dutch Doctors report how they stopped their outbreak in 2012 at a conference in DC

40 incident reports in the first 6 weeks of 2015

LA Times runs expose uncovering CRE outbreak at UCLA

FDA releases safety warnings around use of duodenoscopes

Olympus releases new reprocessing manual

FDA convenes panel of experts to consult on whether or not current reprocessing is adequate

Come to the conclusion that it is not

Olympus currently faces 14 lawsuits

Dutch doctors publish report on 2012 outbreak in "Endoscopy"

FDA gives ultimatum to manufacturers- 30 days to determine better safety procedures