Art History (Before Byzantine)


New York Kouros

Approx. 600 B.C.

Greek Archaic Pd.
marble statue from Athens
Grave Marker
Young, nude male

Achilles and Ajax playing dice (ca. 540 B.C.)

Approx. 540 B.C.

Greek Archaic
black-figure anphora

The Peplos Kore (ca. 530 B.C.)

Approx. 530 BC.

Greek Archaic
marble statue from Athens
clothed female youth
gravemarker/ offering

The Three Revelers (ca. 510 B.C.)

Approx. 510 B.C.

Greek Classical
red-figure anphora

1st Defeat of the Persians, Athens' Victory (ca. 490 B.C.)

Approx. 490 B.C.

Beginning of Classical Pd., according to Classical Historians

Riace Warrior A (ca. 450 B.C.)

Approx. 450 BC.

Greek Classical
bronze statue from a shipwreck off the coast of Riace, Italy.
Probably made in Athens

The Parthenon (ca. 447-438 B.C.)

Approx. 447 B.C. - Approx. 438 BC.

Greek Classical
temple of Athena Parthenos
Architects: Iktinos and Kallikrates
Friezes: (N) Horsemen
(E) Gods: Apollo, Artemis, Posiedon AND elders and maidens

Temple of Portunus (ca. 75 B.C.)

Approx. 75 B.C.

Roman Classical
Travertine, tufa, concrete.

Second Style wall-painting, the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor (ca. 50 B.C.)

Approx. 50 B.C. - Approx. 40 B.C.

Roman Classical
the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor
Boscoreale, Italy,

Female personification (maybe Earth-goddess Tellus) (ca. 13-9 B.C.)

Approx. 13 B.C. - Approx. 9 B.C.

Roman Classical
relief-sculpture from the Ara Pacis, Rome

Third Style wall-painting from the Villa of Agrippa Postumus (10 B.C.)

Approx. 10 B.C.

Roman Classical
the Villa of Agrippa Postumus,
Boscotrecase, Italy,

Portrait of Augustus as a general (the “Primaporta Augustus) (ca. 10 A.D.)

Approx. 10 A.D.

Roman Classical
from Primaporta, Italy (near Rome),

The Pantheon (ca. 118-125 A.D.)

Approx. 118 A.D. - Approx. 125 A.D.

Roman Classical
Concrete and marble.

Decursio relief Column of Antoninus Pius (pedestal) ca. 161 A.D.

Approx. 161 A.D.

Roman Classical
relief-sculpture from the pedestal of the Column of Antoninus Pius

The Division of the Roman Empire (285 A.D.)

Approx. 285 A.D.

Portraits of the four Tetrarchs (ca. 305 A.D.)

Approx. 305 A.D.

Roman. yet "Byzantine"