Preparation and Planning

November 4, 2015 - November 16, 2015

In this time John, Geoff and any others deemed necessary or vital for successful strategic implementation of a plan are engaged in planning communication and succession strategies.

Council Meeting

November 17, 2015

At this meeting Geoff can share with Council the process that has been undertaken and the decision that he and Kristin have made to accept the new role at CTS.

John deboer and Pastor Geoff share with Council a) a communication plan for this information to the Council, and b) a possible succession plan for Council to consider and hopefully adopt.

Initial Congregational Announcement

November 20, 2015

Using the available electronic communication there would be an active communication of a) Pastor Geoff's deep love and appreciation for ClearView, b) the process that led to Pastor Geoff being offered the CTS role, c) the reasons for Pastor Geoff accepting the role, d) timeline of expectations for Pastor Geoff's departure next June, and e) Council's assurance that there is an action plan in place to guard and protect ClearView's vision through a plan of search for/ succession of a new leader.

Public/ Verbal Annoucements

November 22, 2015

At this Sunday's worship gathering there would be a public announcement, a) by Pastor Geoff of the same information communicated electronically, and b) by John deBoer as chair of Council of the adopted plan of attack to ensure vision protection and advocacy as well as effective leadership succession.

Other Public Communication

November 23, 2015 - November 27, 2015

ClearView and CTS may chose to make public announcements

Next Steps

November 23, 2015

ClearView's Council launches a proactive succession plan for effective transition of the Lead Pastor Position using a model/ proposal.