Mussolini and Italy

IB History HL


Occupation of Fiume

1920 - 1924

occupation of neutral Fiume (today in Croatia) by Gabriele D’Annunzio

Acerbo Law


electoral law which stated that the party with the majority of votes (over 25%) received ⅔ of parliamentary seats

MSVN officialized


blackshirt military police branch of the Fascist Party

Fascist Grand Council created


the main body of Mussolini’s single party Fascist government

Aventine Secession

1924 - 1925

the pointed withdrawal of the Socialist party from Italian government in 1924-1925 after the Matteotti murder

Matteotti Crisis


crisis that erupted after the mysterious assassination of the outspoken Giacomo Matteotti which led to confrontation between the Fascist party and liberals in the Italian government

Legge fascitissime

1925 - 1926

laws that laid down the foundation legislature for the Fascist-dominated Italian state following the Aventine Secession

"Dux" published


biography of Mussolini written by Margherita Sarfatti

Lateran Accords


a series of treaties and pacts between the Catholic Church and the Fascist Italian government under Mussolini that recognized the autonomy of the Vatican and established mutual support between the institutions

OVRA formed


secret police dedicated to vigilance and repression of anti-fascism

Foreign policy

Treaty of London


Treaty between Italy and the Triple Entente, signed in London, which promised territorial gains in Albania, the Dodecanese islands and Sudtirol after Italy switches to their side against Austria-Hungary and Germany

Social policy

Gentile’s Education Act


Italian established as sole teaching language, creation of the Liceo Classico (under Gentile as Mussolini's minister of education)


Giovanni Giolitti

1892 - 1921

Italian prime minister, practice of trasformismo, left wing/liberal

Pope Pius XI

1922 - 1939

Pope present for Mussolini’s rise to power and first part of his rule, he signed the Lateran Treaty with Mussolini and fought anti-clericalism

Economic policy

Confederation of Fascist Syndicates vs. Confindustria


Alberto de Stefani econ

1922 - 1925

In charge of Italian economics under mussolini's regime

Rocco Law


legislation banning strikes, lockouts, gives power only to syndicates

Vidoni/Chigi Palace pacts