Greece summative timeline


Trojan war

1194 BC - 1184 BC

the Greek alphabets created

850 BC - 700 BC

first olympic games

776 BC

this was held at Olympia, and they created this

first Messenian war starts

757 BC

Lelatine war

710 BC - 650 BC

second Messenian war

688 bc - 685 bc

Spartan wars with Tegea

645 BC - 560 BC

all unsuccessful

Greco- Punic wars

600 BC - 307 BC

first sacred war

595 BC - 585 BC

democracy system created and began in Athens

508 BC

Greeks defeated the Persians in war

490 BC - 480 BC

the Greeks had defeated the Persians 2 times, in 490 BC, and in 480 BC. the Greeks had only around 1O OOO soldiers, while the Persians had around 25 OOO to 3O OOO soldiers.

Greek theatre became very popular in Athens

472 BC

Greeks watched people fight in theaters, watch orchestra, and also watched dramas.

The two leading cities of Greece, Athens and Sparta, made war against each other

431 BC - 404 BC

Philip II, the king of Macedonia took over Greece and when he died his son Alexander the great took the throne

338 BC

Alexander the great's death

323 BC

this is when the hellenistic period began

first Macedonian war

214 BC - 205 BC

second Macedonian war

200 BC - 197 BC

fourth Macedonian war

150 BC - 148 BC

Rome took over Greece and Greece ended

146 BC

After this happened, Greece became part of the Roman Empire

Cleopatra died and this is when ancient Greece really ended

30 BC