Womens Rights


Elizabeth Cady Stanton is born

November 12, 1815

World Anti-Slavery Convention held - Lucretia Mott


Lucretia Mott, a quaker abolitionist helped organize the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London, England.

Elizabeth married Henry Stanton


Elizabeth did not use "obey" in her vows. She kept her maiden name "Cady" in her last name.

Stanton and her husband move to Seneca Falls, New York.


Lucretia Mott and Stanton meet


They meet at the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London

Stanton drafts the Declaration of Sentiments


Stanton wrote this to demand equality for women and based it on the American Declaration of Independence. Stanton demanded that women be given the right to vote.

First Women's Rights Convention- Seneca Falls, NY

July 19, 1848 - Approx. July 20, 1848

Held in the Wesleyan Chapel

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton meet


Stanton and Anthony form National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA)


They did this to promote women's rights.

American Woman Suffrage Association is created.


Julia Ward Howe and Lucy Stone (with others)formed AWSA to gain women the right to vote.

Wyoming gave women the right to vote.


The Equal Rights Party was formed-Victoria Woodhull nominated

May 1872

She was nominated presidential candidate

Colorado gives women the right to vote.


Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Women's Rights Activist dies.

October 26, 1902

19TH AMENDMENT passed - Women's Right to Vote

August 18, 1920

Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify. The 19th Amendment passed granting all women the right to vote in America.