French Timeline (Copy)


Legendary founding of Rome

753 BC

Roman Empire

753 BC - 476

Start of Roman Republic

509 BC

Established a somewhat democratic government

Height of Classical Greek Civiliztion

350 BC

These were the times when mythology was popular

Start of Roman Empire

27 BC

Birth of Christ

0 AD

This was the turning point from BC (Before Christ) to AD (Anno Domini)

Rubrics et Al

9 AD

Death of Augustus

14 ad

Augustus was the first Roman Emperor

Dedication of Colosseum

80 AD

Was built under the ruler Emperor Vespasian and could hold approximately 50,000 people.

Reign of Constantine

306 - 337

Roman Emperor, renamed the eastern capital of the Roman Empire after himself "Constantinople"

Start of invasions from the North and East


Fall of the Roman Empire in the West


Overthrown by German this was the first barbaric ruler of Rome

Dark Ages

0477 - 1000

Arab Invasion of Spain and Africa


Also known as the Muslim conquest

Middle Ages

1001 - 1400

Catholic Church had most power along with Kings and Queens

Black Death Ravaged Europe


In a span of 3 years the Black Plague killed me third of the population


1401 - 1600

Between the Middle Ages and modern history. The word Renaissance means rebirth. During this time there were shifts in values and classical learning.

Columbus discovers America


In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue from the Spanish ports of Palos

American Independance from Brittish


American Civil War

1861 - 1864

Northern States and Southern states entered a civil war over slavery and political views on foreign policies

World War I

1914 - 1918

Around 9 Million soilders and 7 million civilians died in this war around Europe. The Treaty of Versalies was the final contract to end the war.

World War II

1939 - 1945

During World War 2 German was trying to take over many European countries including France which they occupied for six weeks until D-Day