ancient Egypt


old kingdom

2700 bce - 2200 bce

first pyramid

2630 BC - 2611 BC

it was called the Step Pyramid

the Great Pyramid is built

2580 BC - 2560 BC

middle kingdom

2200 BC - 1550 BC

new kingdom

1550 BC - 1055 BC

Pharoah made a new law because there were too many people in Egypt, to kill the first kid the parents had.

1539 BC

Moses's mother did not want to kill him, so she put him in the basket, sailing in the Nile

Moses born in Egypt

1525 BC

the Israelites left Egypt

1446 BC

the law was given at mount Sinai

God curses Egypt

1400 BC

it was around this time, because this happened before the israelites were free

God asks for Moses to go baack to Egypt in the burning bush

1400 BC

ot happened aat this time because it happened while Moses was still alive