Salvation History


Adam and Eve

Approx. 2000 BC

Adam and Eve were the first humans God created and also the creators of Original Sin when the ate the Forbidden Fruit that the Devil had tempted them to eat.

Noah and the Flood

Approx. 1950 BC

After God witnessed the unholy world He created, he commissioned Noah to round up two of each animal and his family and to built and ark because God was going to flood the world to start fresh.

Abraham and Sarah arrive in Canaan

Approx. 1850 BC

Jacob’s descendants settled in Egypt

1750 BC

Moses leads Exodus from Egypt

1290 BC

Moses lead the Jews from Egypt after God directly told him to. Before doing this, God punished all the non-believers with 7 plagues.

Joshua invades Canaan

1250 BC

Saul is named first king of Israel

1020 BC

Not being from royal blood, Saul is regarded in history as a kind and fair ruler of Israel.

David unites the kingdom; makes Jerusalem the capital

1000 BC

Kingdom divides into Israel and Judah

922 BC

Babylonians take Jerusalem. Exile begins

587 BC

Greeks conquer the Holy Land

332 BC

Maccabees revolt against Greek ruler

166 BC

Jewish people celebrate Haunkkah because of this victory against the oppresive Greeks.

Jesus is born

5 BC

Although our calendar was based on the day that Jesus was supposedly born, theologists predict he was born in about 5 BC on our calendar. When Jesus came into the world, humanity finally saw a hope for redemption.

Jesus is crucified


Jesus was but to death in his 30s by Pontius Pilate after a large outcry from the Jewish community to do so. They made him carry a cross to his own place of death and threw stones at him and ridiculed him along the way.

Jesus is Resurrected


Jesus rose from the dead three days after his death. Many people were surprised about his return, even a little bit doubtful, such as the Apostle Thomas.

Romans destroy Jerusalem Temple.