The American Civil Rights Movement


Brown Vs. Board of Education

Approx. 1857 - May 17, 1954

On May 17th 1954, the US Supreme Court handed down the ruling of the landmark case of Brown Vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.

The court’s unanimous decision overturned provisions of the 1896 Plessy vs. Ferguson decision, which had allowed for “separate but equal” public facilities, including public schools in the United States.

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Emmett Till's Birth


Emmett Till's Death


Emmett Till contributed to, The American Civil Rights Movement by his death. In August 28th 1955 he was accused of harassing a white woman. Soon after, relatives of the woman brutally murder Till.

Emmett Till's Murder Trial


A fourteen-year-old boy, Emmett Till, had been brutally murdered and his body thrown in the Tallahatchie River, but despite clear evidence that two white men committed the crime, an all-white jury returned a "Not Guilty" verdict after just an hour of deliberation. After they admitted they had killed him in a magazine interview, but they could not be trialled again.

Rosa Parks Arrested

1 December 1955

Rosa Parks got arrested for not giving up her seat on a bus for a white man.

The Little Rock Nine

Approx. September 25, 1957 - September 25, 1957

The Little Rock Nine were a group of nine African American students who enrolled in Little Rock Central High School in 1957. The students were stopped from entering the all-white school by Orval Faubus, the Governor of Arkansas.

James Meredith

1962 - 1966

James Meredith
James Meredith was an American Civil Rights activist who gained national recognition at a juncture in 1962 when he was the first African American student to attend the University of Mississippi. When James applied for the University of Mississippi they denied his application just because of his race. The court battle of 1961-1962 was won in favour of James with the legal help of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP). In 1966, James began a solitary march which he called the March Against Fear from Memphis Tennessee, to Jackson Mississippi where he was shot by a sniper.