Adok Krakov

Carpathian Ancilla




Adok was born to a family of Polish immigrants who had moved to the united states in search of economic promise. They did fairly well for themselves, opening a chain of shops down the east coast, selling mainly to other immagrants.

Life as a Ghoul

1813 - 1863

Adok accepted what he was given. A large amount of dominate and a bloodbond does that to someone. He was very attentive to the vampire, and kept him comfortable.

Adok was treated well. He spent his nights in the service of the vampire and during the day he was free to live his life as a well off nobleman. He had the opportunities and money at his fingertips, but he spent most of his time reading or in the library. Being an very inquisitive individual. If he wasn't in the library, he was in the kennels.

As there was no diagnosis for his condition at the time, he was seen as meek and socially awkward. He wasn't comfortable in social situations. He was more at peace with the hounds than with people.

This was not a problem for his domitor. Though it became issue only from time to time, Adok was given a Polish Tatra Sheepdog, which he named Anka. When this happened, he became much more manageable, and even seemed better prepared for life in general. Though issues of great stress would still pop up from time to time, he had a way to deal with it now.

Death of Grandfather

June 1813

In the summer of 1813, Adok travelled with his family back to Poland after news of his grandfathers death reached them in the united states. It wasn't talked about much, but Adoks father was the youngest child of a noble family in Poland that stretched back centuries. Some were even rulers and Kings.


August 1813

At the wake of his grandfather, Adok met a gentleman that would be his sire. The man introduced himself as an old friend of the family. He took a liking to Adok, and one thing turned into another, and he found himself in the service of the man as his attendant.

Adok and his family had been dominated by the vampire. He would not be remembered once they went back to the United States. Adok would be Ghouled and attend the Vampire for the foreseeable future.


June 1863

After several years in the service to his Domitor, things started to happen to Adok. He started changing in certain ways. Though he was better equipped to handle social situations, he began drifting off when not being interacted with. Several times, he would be caught having a conversation with someone that wasn't there. When his domitor would ask who he was talking to, he'd turn to point at someone but no one would be there. His only answer woudl be, "the land speaks to me."

His domitor was at a loss at this statement. He questioned him about what the land told him. Adok told him that the land spoke to him of kindred and things that had happened in the past. They spoke of ghosts and of demons. Things that Adok had no way of knowing.

It was then that Adok's Domitor admitted to him that they were related. That he was actually Adok's ancestor, roughly 4 genreations removed. This made sense to Adok, as he'd always wondered why they looked so much alike. From that point Adok was groomed for embrace, having proved his usefulness to the vampire.

On June 15th, 1863, Adok was embraced.

Acknowledged Neonate of the camarilla


A year and seven days after being Embraced, Adok was acknowledged as a Neonate within the Camarilla. It wasn't the best year for him, but it is one of his happiest moments.

Moved to the US

February 1875

It was cold when Adok, Anka, and his sire made it to the United States. After a rough voyage across the ocean, they called on his family again. Having not aged over the last fifty years, he was careful to introduce himself to his family as the son of Adok. Luckily the only one that was still alive from his family was his younger sister, so the charade worked. They lived with his family for several years in Boston before moving on. Thanks to his sires mastery of Dominate, his seemless age resistance wasn't ever really called into question.

Conclaive of 1946


Boston, MA - Anarchs

Having watched the Anarchs for some time, Adok went to the Conclave to learn more. In his search for understanding, he sat in on several lectures and then the final proceedings which desolved the understanding between the Anarchs and the Camarilla. It should be of note, that while Adok had unobjective notes on the subjects at hand, he never spoke up, as it was not his place as a Neonate to have an opinion.

Conclaive of 1959


Vienna, Austria - Paths of Enlightenment

Being interested in the process in which Kindred interact with the world around them, Adok was very eager to travel to Vienna for this conclave. His interactions were more than those of the past, having met several other neonates that had the same appreciation for knowledge that he did, he had an outlet for his enthusiasm, though a lot of what he said was lost on them, and inevitably he alienated himself due to his social issues.

Learned First hand Anarch Lore

1962 - 1964

In the days leading up to the LA Anarch revolt, our wayward hero made his way out to Los Angeles, where he was quickly snatched up by a Loremaster by the name of Flynn, Laughing Jacks childer. They spent nearly two years learning from each other. By the time the revolts happened, Adok had learned the ins and outs of the Anarch movement and left just before the revolt escalated, being shepherded off by Flynn, who feared Adok might die or get injured in the revolt.

Confirmed Ancilla


The Fall of Detroit


Adok liked Detroit. He could easily blend into the background and observe. The year of 1967 was major for not only humans but Kindred also. Adok watched as the Brujah fell. He watched as the Giovanni took over. And he stayed for some time after that, just observing.

Conclaive of 1972


Vienna, Austria

Adok made a point of going to as many conclaives as possible, trying to keep himself educated. Over the past 25 years Adok had spent studying the Giovanni, Ghosts, and the Anarchs; all topics discussed at this Conclaive. Having intimate knowledge on these topics, and having written several documents regarding them, Adok spoke on living with the Giovanni and their knonw abilities, as well as the Anarchs, and the widespread defection to the Anarch movement by those that fled Detroit to St. Louis.

Conclaive of 1998


Vienna, Austria

Above all else, Adok is curious. He had done research on Gahenna and had spoke to several prophets prior to his visit in effort to understand better.

While at the Conclaive in 1998, Adok hit it off with an Elder Carpathian Edith Boese (as played by Silja Sample). They spoke on many subjects including the conclaives topic or Gahenna, as well as the nature and history of their shared clan, and over the next several years also the Sabbat, and the Lasombra clan.

Adok saw Edith as a kindred spirit in education. He spent almost 5 years with her learning overseas before moving back to the United States.

Moves to Washtenaw


In 2013, Adok and Anka move to Saline where they build a home on some land. Adok chooses Saline because he likes being this close to Detroit. He misses Detroit but isn't allowed to go back because of Camarilla mandate.

He now studies most nights in his home, or spends time in the wilderness exploring and communing with the spirits of the land.


Boston, MA, USA

1790 - 1813


1813 - 1875

Boston, MA

1875 - 1950

Detroit, MI

1950 - 1955


1955 - 1965

Vienna, Austria


Detroit Mi

1965 - 1972

Vienna Austria


Vienna, Austria


Character Ties

Met Flynn in LA