The Keeper - Tim Howard

...His Timeline by Adamo Di Tullio


1979 - Born March 16th in New Jersey. His mother was white, his dad was black. His dad left his mother, his older brother Chris and Tim when he was a toddler.•


1990 - He has OCD and Tourette Syndrome. Although kids made fun of him, his disease allowed him to focus on a task, at least when it came to sports.


1990 - He was great at playing all types of sports especially soccer. His mother couldn’t afford private soccer academy but Coach Mulch saw potential and trained him for free.


1995 - At 13 years of age, Tim was selected for the Olympic Development Program. His pathway to the Youth National Team which in 1995, qualified for the U17 World Championship.


1997 - Tim signed with the New Jersey Imperials. He was a professional athlete earning a pay check for playing soccer. MLS was a tangible goal.


1998 - Tim joined the the MLS as Metro Stars 2nd goalie. His big debut happened on the 63rd minute when the top MLS scorer, Wolde Harris fired a hard shot and Tim saved it!


2001 - Finished the year strong with 1.33 goals against average and was named MLS All-Stars Goalkeeper of the Year and Humanitarian of the Year for his work with TS.


2001 - Tim became the starting keeper for Metro Stars. He also made everyone aware of his TS disease and helped establish an organization to help families affected by this disease.


2002 - Tim fell in love with Laura.


2003 - His dream came true and played in the Premiere League and signed with Manchester United. After a big win with Penalty Kicks, Tim became the starting keeper.


2003 - Tim and Laura got Married!


2004 - Tim’s turning point year - He made a huge mistake when clearing the ball and lost the Champion League. He was benched and criticized.


2004 - Whenever he received limited opportunities to play, he was afraid to take chances. He was losing faith in himself, and so was his team. He wanted to play more and needed a change.


2005 - His Son Jacob was born.


2006 - Tim left Manchester United and signed with Everton, where he regained his confidence and was encouraged to keep playing no matter what.


2007 - His Daughter Alivia was born.


2007 - Everton won the Gold Cup in 2007 and Tim was part of the best team in North America.


2010 - It was also his most devastating time in his life. He got divorced and his wife moved back to New Jersey.


2010 - He was missing his kids too much and couldn’t focus until he made a schedule to fly out every Sunday and return every Wednesday for practice and games.


• 2010, Tim was overwhelmed when he met Obama and Clinton at the World Cup.


2012 - Team USA beats Team Mexico for the 1st time.


2013 - He got hurt badly and had two broken vertebrae. He was 34 years old and out for 4-6 weeks. He recovered and was more than ready to play.


2014 - He lost the World Cup but at 35 years old, he was the only goalie to have won 100 games in 300 games played - he had made history as the only keeper to make 15 saves in the World Cup.